New Power Automate GPT Connector
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Jul 23, 2023 3:00 PM

New Power Automate GPT Connector

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There are lots of ways to get Chat GPT power into your flows, but before they require OpenAI and a custom connector.

New Power Automate GPT Connector is now available out of the box, eliminating the prior need for OpenAI and a custom connector. This new tool enables easy integration of Chat GPT power into various workflows. Fundamentally, it allows users to create text with GPT.

The new feature is an AI builder connector with multiple attributes that users need to be aware of:

  • Currently in preview which could imply eventual changes
  • As it's in preview, it's complimentary, but future pricing is undetermined
  • Requires enabling 'AI Builder Preview Models' from environment settings
  • Uses GPT model hosted by Microsoft instead of OpenAI, although it serves the same functions

Deep Dive into Power Automate GPT Connector

The New Power Automate GPT Connector signifies a significant evolution in integrating AI capabilities into day-to-day workflows. The connector's current preview status means users can explore this tool freely and familiarize themselves with its capabilities, benefits, and potential uses.


The AI Builder Preview Models, an environment feature that users need to switch on, indicate the product's nascent stage. Nonetheless, its hosting by Microsoft promises robust support and possibly more expansive capabilities than with OpenAI. Remember that the product, despite being released by Microsoft, utilizes the same GPT model as OpenAI.


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Microsoft's new Power Automate GPT Connector makes it easy to create text with GPT. It is currently in preview, and available at no cost. To use the connector, the 'AI Builder Preview Models' feature must be enabled in the environment settings. It is important to note that this connector uses GPT, which is hosted by Microsoft and not OpenAI, and is not the same as Chat GPT.

The GPT Connector is a great way to integrate AI into your flows with no effort. It allows users to create text quickly and easily, with natural language processing capabilities. The connector also supports custom models and can be used to build interactive bots and conversational AI experiences.

The GPT Connector supports a variety of features including text recognition, sentiment analysis, and more. It is also a great tool for developing natural language processing applications. It can be used to create text with GPT and to build interactive conversational experiences.

In addition, the GPT Connector can be used for other AI applications, such as image recognition, object recognition, and more. It is a powerful tool for developers, and can help them create powerful AI-based applications with ease.

Overall, the Microsoft Power Automate GPT Connector makes it easy to get started with GPT and create text with GPT. It is currently in preview, and available at no cost, so it is worth exploring.


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