ChatGPT Custom Connector for Power Platform
Feb 27, 2023 5:00 PM

ChatGPT Custom Connector for Power Platform

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How to use Chat GPT API in Power Apps & Automate

This ChatGPT and Power Platform step-by-step tutorial video showcases how to build a custom connector that calls the OpenAI Chat GPT API to create custom actions that use Text Completion and Image Generation models within Power Apps and Power Automate.

ChatGPT is a powerful natural language processing API that allows you to generate human-like responses to user input. With a custom connector, you can integrate ChatGPT into Power Platform. You’ll learn what custom connectors are and how to create one from scratch to integrate Chat GPT into Power Apps and Power Automate.

I’ll start by showing how to set up a custom connector for ChatGPT in Power Platform. Then, I’ll demonstrate how to use the connector in Power Apps to call APIs using the DALL.E (“DALL·E” is an artificial intelligence (AI) language model developed by OpenAI, which was trained to generate images from textual descriptions using a GPT-3 based approach) & “Davinci Text Completion” (feature of the GPT-3 language model developed by OpenAI. It is an advanced natural language processing technology that can generate human-like text based on a given prompt) models.

I’ll also cover how to leverage ChatGPT custom connector in Power Automate flows. A demo on how to trigger ChatGPT API from Teams conversations will be showcased. You’ll learn how to set up a flow that triggers when a user posts a message in a Teams Channel with a specific keyword, use the message body details and call the ChatGPT API to generate a response. This enables calling ChatGPT directly from Microsoft Teams to help answer common queries without human intervention.

By the end of this video, you’ll have a good understanding of how to use the ChatGPT API in Power Platform via Custom Connector.

What is a Custom Connector?

While Azure Logic Apps, Microsoft Power Automate, and Microsoft Power Apps offer over 900 connectors to connect to Microsoft and verified services, you may want to communicate with services that aren’t available as prebuilt connectors. Custom connectors address this scenario by allowing you to create (and even share) a connector with its own triggers and actions.

ChatGPT is your friend! ChatGPT is increasing in popularity & with this custom connector implementation we can incorporate it in our Power Apps and Power Automate flows.

Table of Contents:

  • 00:00 - Introduction to ChatGPT Custom Connector for Power Platform
  • 00:39 - Custom Connector
  • 01:06 - ChatGPT Image Generation API
  • 01:51 - Create a custom connector for ChatGPT DALL.E model (Image from Text)
  • 07:33 - How to use a custom connector in Power Apps
  • 11:04 - Call custom connector (API) in Power Automate flows
  • 11:51 - Build a Custom Connector for Text Completion API (Davinci model)
  • 15:06 - Call ChatGPT API from PowerApps
  • 16:27 - Call ChatGPT API from Power Automate
  • 16:47 - Call ChatGPT API (Custom Connector) from Teams Channel chat via Power
  • Automate flow
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