Boost Creativity with Clipchamp & Designer Tools
Dec 6, 2023 3:00 AM

Boost Creativity with Clipchamp & Designer Tools

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Unleash Creativity with Clipchamp & Designer for Impactful Visuals in Microsoft 365

Explore the possibilities of visual content creation with Microsoft's tools, Clipchamp and Designer. These applications allow users of all skill levels to effectively use videos and images to communicate and express ideas within an organization. Microsoft's goal is to democratize this process and make powerful communication accessible to all.

Simple and intuitive interfaces, bolstered by artificial intelligence, make video and image creation a breeze with Clipchamp and Designer. They are now part of Microsoft 365 commercial offerings, including Enterprise and Business suites, giving access to these tools for professional use in various organizations.


Catering especially to businesses, Clipchamp is now fully available for commercial customers. It provides an easy way to create impactful videos for multiple corporate needs, such as training, updates, and enhancing professional communication. The completion of its commercial rollout now integrates this tool with Microsoft 365 enterprise tools.

Clipchamp offers a simple user interface and a multitude of features, helping to produce professional videos quickly. This integration allows for shared videos through Microsoft apps like Stream, Teams, and Outlook, enhancing the ease of incorporating videos in the workplace.

Embracing Visual Content Creation

The integration of Microsoft's content creation tools, Clipchamp and Designer, within Microsoft 365 marks a significant shift in the realm of visual expression in corporate environments. The focus on ease of use and accessibility positions these tools as critical components in today's business communication landscape. Microsoft is firmly facilitating creativity and professionalism through technology, harnessing AI to empower users to create striking visual content without needing advanced skills. As companies continue to seek new ways to engage and captivate audiences, Microsoft's offerings stand out by making video and graphic design creation a seamless part of daily work tasks.

Exploring Visual Content Creation with Clipchamp and Designer

Video and image content is crucial in today's communication landscape, obligating organizations to empower all individuals to utilize these mediums. Microsoft's Clipchamp and Designer are designed to democratize this process. They offer simple, AI-enhanced tools integrated with Microsoft 365 to help users of any skill level easily produce videos and images.

Millions of users started using these tools in the consumer market, and now Microsoft has expanded availability to its commercial sectors. Clipchamp is now accessible to Microsoft 365 Enterprise and Business suite users. Its interface and capabilities empower professionals to create high-impact video content efficiently for various business needs.

Microsoft closely collaborated with customer partners to ensure Clipchamp caters to the unique demands of different organizations. Early adopters like Advent Health and Amadeus have witnessed increased creativity and communication efficiency. Features within Clipchamp leverage Microsoft productivity tools, allowing seamless video sharing and integration across platforms like SharePoint, Teams, and Viva Engage.

Introduction of Clipchamp Premium and Designer's New Preview

Clipchamp has made it easier to start video projects directly from, with plans to launch a Windows app in 2024. A new level of service, Clipchamp Premium, is soon to be introduced. Priced at an initial $5 per user monthly, it provides advanced capabilities such as 4K exports, brand kits, and premium stock content for high-quality video production.

Designer app integrations are now available for commercial customers in preview. This tool streamlines the design process by utilizing AI and simple commands to generate visuals for various communication forms. With initial integrations in Microsoft Edge and forthcoming ones in Teams and other apps, Designer promises to foster effortless creation within the workplace workflow.

Setting these tools apart is their integration within Microsoft 365, the ease of use extended to non-experts, and features tailored for business needs. They are developed with the idea that visual content creation should be integral to everyone's work, supported by consistent branding, collaboration, and Microsoft's security standards.

A Broad Look at Clipchamp and Designer

Clipchamp and Designer are two innovative tools introduced by Microsoft to broaden the scope of visual content creation within a professional setting. These platforms provide extensive features and integrations with Microsoft 365 applications, allowing users from various professional backgrounds to easily create and disseminate high-quality visual content. Here we delve into the capabilities and future potential of both services more expansively.


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People also ask

Is Clipchamp actually free?

Clipchamp offers a free tier that allows users to create and edit videos, but with limitations in terms of video quality and certain features. Users seeking advanced functionality and higher video quality output may need to look into its paid subscriptions.

Is Clipchamp a Microsoft product?

Yes, Clipchamp is a Microsoft product. It was acquired by Microsoft and has been integrated into the family of Microsoft software offerings, providing video editing tools to its users.

Do I need Clipchamp on my computer?

Whether you need Clipchamp on your computer depends on your need for a video editing tool. If you need to create or edit videos and are looking for a user-friendly option, you might consider using Clipchamp, especially if you are already within the Microsoft ecosystem.

Do you have to pay to use Clipchamp?

You do not necessarily have to pay to use Clipchamp. The platform offers a free version with basic features. However, if you require advanced features or higher quality exports, you will likely need to pay for one of the premium plans Clipchamp offers.


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