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Easy Clipchamp Guide: Edit Videos Like a Pro!
Dec 9, 2023 2:30 AM

Easy Clipchamp Guide: Edit Videos Like a Pro!

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Unleash creativity in your workplace with Clipchamp and Microsoft Designer—transforming ideas into compelling visual narratives.

Get Started With Microsoft 365 Explore Visual Content Creation with Clipchamp & Designer. In a world dominated by videos and images for communication and information consumption, it's essential to enable every member of an organization to employ these powerful mediums. Microsoft is making this possible through the intuitive and AI-enhanced user experiences provided by Microsoft Clipchamp and Designer, incorporating other Microsoft 365 apps and services to ease content creation for users of any skill level.

Clipchamp and Designer initially served millions in the consumer market, and Microsoft is excited to now offer these tools as part of Microsoft 365 commercial packages. Clipchamp is readily accessible for creating compelling videos for work purposes—ideal for explaining processes, onboarding, client updates, or enhancing newsletters.

The complete roll-out to commercial clients was finalized over the summer, making Clipchamp generally available to those with Microsoft 365 Enterprise (E3 and E5) and Business (Standard, Premium) licenses. Clipchamp's simple interface and rich features enable the creation of professional-looking videos. Microsoft has collaborated with customers like Advent Health and Amadeus to tailor Clipchamp to meet diverse organizational needs, enhancing creativity and communication effectiveness along the way.

Clipchamp offers a feature-rich platform making video creation and sharing simple and fast within Microsoft 365, leveraging OneDrive and SharePoint. Videos exported from Clipchamp can be shared via Microsoft Stream, Teams, Outlook emails, and Viva Engage (Yammer), facilitating smooth integration into daily workflows. Those interested can start with Clipchamp via the Apps page at, with a Windows app version slated for release in 2024 for corresponding licenses.

Clipchamp Premium, launching next month, will unlock even more capabilities, like 4K exports, custom branding tools, premium stock content, and advanced analytics in Stream—enhancing the production value and trackability of video content. It will be offered at an introductory price for Microsoft 365 Enterprise and Business customers, with details of pricing and availability outlined clearly.

The Designer app, leveraging AI-tech like Dall-E 3, simplifies creating impressive images with basic input, which can be personalized with user images and text. It's currently in preview for commercial users, with integration in various Microsoft 365 apps like Edge, Teams, and Copilot for Word and PowerPoint. A broader release is planned following the preview phase, with availability details provided for interested commercial customers.

Microsoft 365 differentiates Clipchamp and Designer, providing ease of access and integration, using AI to simplify complex tasks, stimulating creativity, tailored to business needs with brand consistency, collaboration, and security. Microsoft is committed to advancing Microsoft 365 with AI-enabled innovations to redefine video and image creation in a professional setting.

To discover more about these tools and their capabilities, Microsoft encourages checking their on-demand Ignite session for insights and product demos. Both Clipchamp and Designer can be started, and Designer can even be tried via its app in Edge or at an experience website with a personal Microsoft Account.

Further Insights into Microsoft's Visual Content Tools

Microsoft's Developer Tools continue to grow, with emphasis on making visual content creation accessible and efficient for all professionals. Incorporating AI and simplified interfaces, these tools remove barriers to professional video and image creation. By integrating seamlessly with Microsoft 365 apps and services, products like Clipchamp offer a convenient way to create videos for a variety of business needs. Moreover, the upcoming Clipchamp Premium adds enhanced features for top-notch production quality and better audience insights. The combined potential of these tools signifies Microsoft's vision to integrate AI into everyday productivity, enriching the way we communicate and share ideas in the digital workplace.

Understanding Clipchamp and Designer Integration in Microsoft 365

Exploring Microsoft Clipchamp and Designer signals a new era for visual content creation within organizations. Videos and images play a pivotal role in communication, making it vital for every team member to have the tools to create these elements effectively. Microsoft offers simple user experiences with the help of AI through Clipchamp and Designer.

The objective is to empower every individual, regardless of their technical abilities, to create impactful videos and images. This democratization of content creation is bolstered by the seamless integration with Microsoft 365 apps and services, simplifying the content creation process within the workplace.

Microsoft's journey with Clipchamp began in the consumer space and has since expanded to include commercial offerings for Microsoft 365 customers. Commercial teams can now utilize Clipchamp to make videos for various professional scenarios, improving the quality and effectiveness of internal and external communication.

Clipchamp's Accessibility for Microsoft 365 Users

Clipchamp, now readily available for Microsoft 365 users, offers a commercial advantage by integrating video creation into everyday work tools. The completion of its summer rollout process means enterprises can access it easily through their existing Microsoft Enterprise or Business licenses.

The platform features a user-friendly interface that simplifies the creation of professional-looking videos for business purposes. This has sparked enthusiasm for organizations who have adopted Clipchamp early, citing increased creativity and more efficient communication among their benefits.

Clipchamp's extensive features, including integration with OneDrive and SharePoint, allow quick and effortless sharing of videos across various Microsoft platforms like Microsoft Stream, Teams, Outlook, and Viva Engage. Users can expect a smooth experience, incorporating videos into their workflows directly from the Microsoft 365 Apps page or as a Windows app in 2024.

Upcoming Clipchamp Premium and Designer Integrations

In the near future, Microsoft is enhancing Clipchamp with the introduction of Clipchamp Premium, designed to boost the video production process with high-quality outputs and brand-specific content tools. The service will be available for an extra fee, offering features like 4K exports, brand kits for uniform branding, premium stock content for enhanced visuals, and advanced analytics for video performance.

Alongside, a standalone Clipchamp license will soon be available, with pricing schemes detailed for both standard and premium offerings. This development ensures the accessibility of Clipchamp's features to a wider range of users beyond the Microsoft 365 subscriber base.

Complementing Clipchamp, Designer is poised to revolutionize image and design creation with AI, beginning its deployment for commercial users through Microsoft 365 integrations. Users can eagerly anticipate its preview in various apps, providing the convenience of design creation directly in their workflow.

Key Benefits and Future Prospects for Clipchamp and Designer

Clipchamp and Designer stand out in a market saturated with visual content tools due to their seamless integration within Microsoft 365, simplicity for all skill levels empowered by AI, and features specifically tailored for business needs. They offer a unique combination of ease of use, creativity enhancement, and reliability for professional applications.

Microsoft is committed to further innovation within Microsoft 365, fueled by new possibilities in AI. Aspiring to continuously enrich the video and image creation experience, Microsoft encourages users to start experimenting with Clipchamp and Designer in their professional environment to discover their creative potential.

With a vision to simplify visual content creation for professional communication, presentations, and announcements, Microsoft 365 users are encouraged to explore these tools through resources like on-demand sessions and firsthand trials in the current applications.

Clipchamp and Designer – Boosting Business Creativity

Clipchamp and Designer, Microsoft 365's dynamic duo for visual content creation, are pivotal in enhancing how organizations communicate. By tapping into the power of AI and intuitive design, these tools democratize creativity, making it possible for all team members to construct compelling videos and images without the steep learning curve typically involved.

Their direct accessibility as part of the Microsoft suite ensures a streamlined creative process, while the upcoming premium features of Clipchamp signal a new level of professionalism in video outputs. As businesses and individuals alike await further integrations and enhancements, the future of visual communication within the professional landscape looks bright through Microsoft's innovative approach.

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People also ask

Is Clipchamp easy to use?

Clipchamp is designed with user-friendliness in mind, offering a drag-and-drop interface and a variety of pre-made templates and editing tools that make it accessible for users with varying levels of experience in video editing. The intuition-driven design allows even beginners to navigate and utilize its features effectively.

Is Clipchamp actually free?

Clipchamp offers a basic free plan that provides users with essential editing tools and features, but some advanced functions might be behind a paywall. To access premium filters, effects, and higher video quality exports, users may need to upgrade to a paid subscription.

Is Clipchamp included in Office 365?

As of the last update, Clipchamp may or may not be included as part of the Office 365 (now rebranded as Microsoft 365) suite. Microsoft occasionally updates their software offerings, so it's advisable to check their latest product details for the most accurate information.

How long of a video can you make on Clipchamp?

Clipchamp itself might not strictly limit the length of the videos you can create using the platform, but there could be restrictions based on the subscription plan you are on. Resource constraints like storage, processing power, and memory also play a role in the practical length of videos that can be edited smoothly.


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