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Effective Tenant Administration: A PowerBI Monitoring Guide
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Sep 26, 2023 4:32 PM

Effective Tenant Administration: A PowerBI Monitoring Guide

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Unlock enhanced data management with PowerBI Monitoring - Empowering Tenant Admins with curated insights for optimized governance.

Insights from Microsoft's Power BI Tool

A recent post by Microsoft introduces the Admin Monitoring workspace within the Power Bi toolset. Aimed at vastly improving the capabilities of Tenant Administrators, it offers curated insights and out-of-the-box reporting - bolstering governance, compliance, and administrative abilities.

The Public Preview of this powerful feature was rolled out on May 22nd and offers a breadth of tools that Tenant Administrators can use to derive meaningful insights from data. Among these services, users are given the ability to better comprehend usage growth within their tenant environment and can track activity through inventory metadata and audit logs.

Crucially, the Admin Monitoring workspace and its key reports are available only to Tenant Administrators. These leaders also have the option of sharing their workspace or their reports with others within their organizations; thereby promoting information flow and learning. Learn more about Power BI and its capabilities.

Setting Up the Admin Monitoring workspace

Setting up the Admin Monitoring workspace for Tenant Administrators is a straightforward process. Once you've signed into Power BI, you'll find the Admin Monitoring icon at the top left of your screen. Simply selecting this option will automatically install the workspace for you. There's no need for API calls or the need for additional setup, making it both user-friendly and efficient.

The workspace can be running on either Pro or Premium versions, though it does offer the greatest benefits when running on Premium. For the most part, the workspace provides an enhanced level of transparency, empowering Tenant Administrators with critical insights into workflow and data activities.

The Feature Usage and Adoption report comprehensively delineates usage patterns, trends and inappropriate behaviors, reflecting Microsoft's commitment to the users' ability to effectively supervise and govern their tenant environment. It's also important to note that the audit log retention period for data/report usage is currently set for rolling 30 days only.

Customized Reporting

Power BI's native support for composite data modeling allows the out-of-box dataset to be enhanced and reused. The dataset includes user license details, artifact lineage, and specific metadata, making it an invaluable resource for administrators to create customized reports that align with individual organizational scenarios.

Taking A Step Forward with Power BI

Power BI's mission revolves around empowering every user to make data-driven decisions confidently. With the enhanced focus on governance, compliance, and policy transparency, its administration monitoring workspace delivers insights that help manage and govern the tenant more effectively. This new addition demonstrates Microsoft's unwavering commitment to provide greater visibility to its users and streamline data-related activities.

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Power BI - Effective Tenant Administration: A PowerBI Monitoring Guide

Learn about PowerBI Monitoring Guide for Tenant Administration

The importance of data analysis and visualization in making informed business decisions cannot be overstated. In order to achieve such insightful analyses, Microsoft Power BI comes into play with its ability to showcase these data insights. However, it essential to smoothly navigate Power BI and that includes understanding how to do monitoring for Tenant Administration.

An integral part of this formidable tool is what's known as the Admin Monitoring workspace. The primary objective of this workspace is to arm each user, team or organization with the necessary information to make assured decisions. This is especially crucial in an era where corporate governance, compliance enforcement, and adherence to operational procedures are paramount for businesses to maintain a competitive edge.

The crux of the guide to efficient Tenant Administration focuses on assisting users, specifically Tenant Administrators, delve into analyses of active user engagement and manipulations of artifacts. The Admin Monitoring workspace, in its ongoing Public Preview, does an excellent job of this. It provides comprehensive reports and curated datasets that aid administrators in better managing, overseeing, and governing their tenant. It also aids in understanding growth trends, supporting audits, and ensuring compliance.

The Feature Usage and Adoption dataset/report is one of the essential aspects of the Public Preview release. Providing insights based on inventory metadata and audit logs it aids tenant admins. Limited initially to Tenant Administrators, the workspace allows sharing of specific reports, hence promoting collaboration within the organization. It also provides detailed help content to guide you in extracting maximum benefit from the included data visualizations.

Setting up the Admin Monitoring workspace is facile. Users who have rights as Tenant Administrators merely need to log into the analysis tool, choose workspaces, and watch out for the Admin Monitoring icon on the top left. Once it is picked for the first time, the system automatically loads the workspace. No Premium capacity requirements or additional API calls are needed for this initial setup, making it incredibly user-friendly and easily accessible.

Furthermore, the Feature Usage and Adoption report does a splendid job of providing analytical viewpoints built on Audit Logs. It points out trends, patterns and users' activities thereby giving you a rounded view of the goings-on in your business. The ‘Out-of-box’ dataset/report includes Audit Log fact data about asset lifecycle activities like creating, accessing, modifying, and deleting and significantly, doesn’t require Microsoft 365 admin rights to view this audit data.

Moving forward, feel free to look more into the Admin Monitoring workspace and the Feature Usage and Adoption dataset/report. Information is also available on existing data analysis audit activity logs and metadata. Remember, the mission of this particular Microsoft tool is to empower you and your team to make confident decisions leveraging well-organized, comprehensive, and accessible data.

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