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Power BI Features & Enhancements Update - September 2023
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Sep 19, 2023 12:00 PM

Power BI Features & Enhancements Update - September 2023

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Explore Power BI September 2023 Update! Revamped data models, improved row-level security, mandatory .NET Framework upgrade, and more.

Microsoft's September 2023 Power BI update brings new changes and enhancements to editing data models, row-level security, and several aspects of its services. Users are reminded to upgrade to .NET Framework 4.7.2 or higher for a better experience. The update consists of beneficial developments like Interactive canvas for the Mobile layout, ability to edit data models and linguistic relationships in the Power BI Service and enhancements to DAX function for MINX and MAXX.

  • There's also a new update in data connectivity with an SAP HANA Connector Update and introducing a new Emplifi Metrics Connector.
  • For Power BI services, improvements in the row-level, security test as role, and mobile support for AAD Shared device mode.
  • Developers are benefitted with git integration for Paginated reports, checkout, switch branches in a workspace, and a new E2E CI/CD tutorial.
  • New visuals in AppSource section with additions like Beeswarm Chart, time-based data analysis Drill Down TimeSeries PRO, accoPLANNING releases, Zebra BI Charts on-visual settings, Word Cloud by Powerviz, Innofall Charts, Hierarchy Chart by MAQ Software, and Power BI JSON Report Theme Generator by BIBB.

The community member spotlight section promises exciting content to engage members of the Power BI user community.

Focus On Power BI's Update

The versatility brought by Power BI's September 2023 update exemplifies Microsoft's commitment to a comprehensive approach to data analysis and visualization. The update bolstered key reporting aspects and facilitated significant leaps in data modeling and security. The addition of new connectors and integration with Git ensures better control for developers. The introduction of exciting visual tools points towards an enhanced user-friendly approach for users from varying backgrounds, reaffirming Microsoft’s continuous strive for inclusivity and accessibility in its offerings.

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The September 2023 update of Power BI is focused on enhancing its data modeling and reporting capabilities. Following are the key points of the update:

  • .NET Framework: Users are urged to Upgrade Power BI Desktop .NET Framework to version 4.7.2 or newer.
  • Reporting: The update sees an enhanced mobile layout interactive canvas.
  • Modeling: Users can now edit their data model in the Power BI Service. Other updates include changes to the DAX function with respect to MINX and MAXX, and the capability to edit linguistic relationships in Q&A setup. Editing relationships in the properties pane has reached general availability (GA).
  • Data Connectivity: There has been an update to the SAP HANA connector and a new connector for Emplifi Metrics is introduced.
  • Service: Row-level security has improved with a new “test as role” feature.
  • Mobile: AAD Shared device mode is in preview.
  • Developers: Paginated reports can now be supported with Git integration. New features help in checking out and switching branches in a workspace. Additionally, a new E2E CI/CD tutorial is available.
  • Visualizations: There are new visuals in AppSource including Beeswarm Chart, time-based data exploration with Drill Down TimeSeries PRO, new updates for accoPLANNING, on-visual settings for Zebra BI Charts, Word Cloud by Powerviz, interactive visual by Innofalls Charts, and Hierarchy Chart by MAQ Software.

To learn more about these updates, visit and or follow Microsoft on Twitter at For comprehensive learning, professional courses on Power BI can be helpful.

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