Power BI Sept 2023 Update: Comprehensive Review in under 4 Minutes Guide
Sep 16, 2023 11:00 AM

Power BI Sept 2023 Update: Comprehensive Review in under 4 Minutes Guide

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Stay updated with the latest Power BI features: experience new data model edits, .NET Framework upgrades, enhanced security features & more in under 4 minutes!

The video by "Curbal" covers a comprehensive review of Power BI's September 2023 update within a short span of four minutes. The updates include changes to data models editing, row-level security upgrades, and a reminder to update the .NET Framework version for Desktop usage to 4.7.2 or higher.

In the Power BI Desktop updates, the .NET Framework 4.5 will no longer be supported after 9/30/2023 and users are advised to upgrade to version 4.7.2 or newer to avoid any support issues. Additionally, mobile layout updates now allow examining the mobile canvas's behavior before tweeting it.

Further enhancements in data model editing in Power BI service involve improvements in layout persistence and Q&A setup. New linguistic relationships have been integrated to make the Q&A engine more user-friendly and precise. Changes also extend to DAX function with the addition of an optional variant parameter to MINX and MAXX DAX functions, making text values, not just numeric ones, considerable in the model.

  • Changes in data model editing include layout persistence improvements between Desktop and Service and an updated feedback system.
  • A new option of incorporating variant parameter in DAX function extends to including text values in MINX and MAXX calculations.
  • Editing relationships in the properties pane moving to general availability
  • The data connectivity update covers advancements in SAP HANA connector and the release of a new Emplifi Metrics connector.
  • Service row-level security testing role improvements
  • Mobile updates supporting Azure Active Directory (AAD) Shared Device Mode (preview)
  • Developers update including git integration enhancements and the addition of new end-to-end Continuous Integration / Continuous deployment tutorial.

Main Discussion Points

The update focuses primarily on improving Power BI Desktop functionalities, enhancing data modeling, making amendments in DAX functions, and extending the data connectivity facilities. Additionally, measures have been taken to increase Power BI service security, expand mobile updates, and include git integration for a smooth developer experience. The primary purpose is to persistently upgrade Power BI's performance, keeping in line with the modern technological standards and the evolving needs of the users.

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The text provides an update about Power BI's features as of September 2023. Topics covered in the review include updates to the data models editing, row-level security, and a reminder to upgrade the .NET Framework version for Desktop to 4.7.2 or newer. Other updates mentioned are for the mobile layout interactive canvas, editing linguistic relationships in Q&A setup, DAX function changes to MINX and MAXX, and data connectivity features. There are also improvements in row-level security, support of AAD shared device mode, git integration, and new visuals in AppSource. Users are urged to upgrade to avoid any support issues, as Power BI Desktop with.NET Framework 4.5 will no longer be supported after 9/30/2023.


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