Latest T-SQL Updates in 2023 | MVP Data Tips
Dec 4, 2023 2:00 PM

Latest T-SQL Updates in 2023 | MVP Data Tips

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Explore New T-SQL Features in Azure SQL & SQL Server 2022 With Our Experts!

Recent advancements in the T-SQL language are the focus of a new video on the platform, specifically aimed at enhancing Azure SQL Databases and SQL Server 2022. The episode, part of the Data Exposed: MVP Edition series, hosted by Anna Hoffman and Greg Low, provides viewers with a quick tour of the latest changes. They start with introductions and quickly move into discussing fresh features.

Their talk begins with a segment on new features, then transitions into a comprehensive list of options that have been recently introduced. Following this, viewers are treated to an in-depth demo of the hosts' favorite features. The video underscores the message that T-SQL is continuously evolving and wraps up with closing remarks that leave no doubts about the language's progressive nature.

In an effort to emphasize the expertise of the hosts, the video takes a moment to introduce Greg Low. He is part of Microsoft's Regional Director program which represents highly recognized global technology leaders. Low's impact as a consultant, MVP, and leader in the data community is highlighted, along with his pragmatic approach to solving business challenges through technology.

MVPs, or Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals, are also introduced in the video as enthusiastic technology experts who avidly share their knowledge within the tech community. They are characterized by their in-depth knowledge of Microsoft technologies and their ability to integrate various platforms to address real-world issues. The video emphasizes the global, knowledgeable, and helpful nature of the MVP community.

Lastly, viewers are encouraged to connect with the hosts and the Azure SQL community on Twitter, and to check out more episodes from the MVP Series playlist, as well as other Data Exposed content. Subscriptions to channels featuring SQL tips and tricks are also suggested for those seeking further knowledge. The video serves as a valuable resource for both T-SQL enthusiasts and professionals who desire to stay ahead in the field.


Further Exploration of T-SQL Enhancements

The continued evolution of T-SQL is a testament to the commitment of Microsoft to meet the needs of its user base, which ranges from database administrators to software developers entrenched in database operations. Recent updates to the language aim to streamline processes, enhance performance, and provide users with more intuitive and powerful tools. The adaptability and rich feature set of T-SQL play an essential role in the robust functionality of both Azure SQL Database and SQL Server.

As the landscape of data continues to expand, the requirement for a language capable of managing, querying, and manipulating data efficiently is undeniably crucial. These enhancements promise to maintain the relevance and effectiveness of T-SQL in real-world scenarios. Adoption of the new features and incorporation into workflows can propel database management and development into a more sophisticated and productive future.

SQL  and SQL Server - Latest T-SQL Updates in 2023 | MVP Data Tips

Learn about What's new in T-SQL recently | Data Exposed: MVP Edition

The recent updates to T-SQL are creating a buzz, especially with their enhancements geared towards Azure SQL Database and SQL Server 2022. An episode of Data Exposed, featuring MVP Edition with hosts Anna Hoffman and Greg Low, covers these updates in depth. During this episode, they provide insights into the recent changes to T-SQL.

New Features in T-SQL

  • Quick tour of T-SQL enhancements
  • Discussion of updates for Azure SQL Database and SQL Server 2022
  • Demonstration of selected new features in T-SQL

Noteworthy in the agenda of the episode were the introductions at 00:24, a segment highlighting new features in T-SQL at 01:09, and a list of new options provided at 02:09. A demonstration of favorite new features took place at 07:59, which was insightful for those looking to see the practical implementation of these updates. Greg Low and Anna Hoffman conclude at 12:49, noting T-SQL's ongoing evolution.

Greg Low stands out as a member of the Microsoft Regional Director program, recognized as a world-class technology visionary and an influential community leader. He is the founder and principal consultant at SQL Down Under and is a well-recognized data platform MVP known for practical solutions to business issues. His contributions span across global conferences and he holds a deep understanding of business transformations.

Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals, or MVPs, are experts who actively contribute and share their detailed knowledge within the tech community. These MVPs are at the forefront of exploring new technologies, armed with extensive expertise in Microsoft products and services. This global network of over 4,000 individuals from 90 different countries is united by knowledge-sharing, with an unwavering drive to assist and educate others.

Understanding T-SQL Enhancements

The recent enhancements incorporated into T-SQL signify SQL's responsiveness to evolving data management needs. These updates offer more sophisticated tools for database administrators and developers, simplifying complex queries and improving data management efficiency in SQL-based environments. Understanding how to adapt to and implement these changes can greatly benefit practitioners, significantly impacting the overall performance of their databases. While it is clear that SQL and T-SQL continue to grow, staying informed on such advancements is crucial for those vested in data technologies and their applications. Ami Diamond, although not mentioned in the video, would likely appreciate these updates considering his expertise in the field.

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