Highlights & Announcements from MPPC 2023 Power Platform Conference
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Oct 10, 2023 11:30 AM

Highlights & Announcements from MPPC 2023 Power Platform Conference

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Unveiling MPPC 2023 highlights, from the rise of AI, Power Automate, Power Apps to Power BI. Join Andrew Hess as he reports!

The lively excitement of the Microsoft Power Platform Conference (MPPC) 2023 was indescribable! It was indeed a pleasure catching up with all attendees, and the anticipation for future events within the Power Platform sphere is already building.

While 2023's hot topic, Copilot and AI's world dominance, did engross everyone, other noteworthy subjects like Microsoft Fabric also surfaced for discussion. The primary subject of the shared video, however, narrows down to the engaging MPPC experience, and the hopeful sentiment of having more participant inclusion for next year's conference.

Further, the video also features a round-up of announcements for updates related to Power Automate, Power Apps, and Power BI.

The video boasts several chapters ranging from introductory remarks to Power Apps Copilot examples and eventually, concluding thoughts. The other segments include guidance to undertake a Workshop, activating the new design and interface of PFx in Power Automate, currently operative 155 Microsoft Copilots, and merger announcements of Power BI and Fabric. There is also an insight into the MPPC 2023 roadmap for Power Apps and directions to turn on Modern Controls while creating in Modern Power Apps.

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Reflection on the Future of Power Platform

Microsoft's Power Platform's future trajectory appears to be full of promises with continuous enhancements and updates, especially with CoPilot and AI's increasing attribution to the world's functions in 2023. The utilization of AI and similar technologies provides a substantial leap in improving digital workflows, productivity, and strategic planning in every industry sector across the globe. The Power Platform Conference plays a significant role in creating bridges for these enhancements, propagating the benefits to a larger audience, and ultimately leading to better-informed utilization and further development of the platform.

 - Highlights & Announcements from MPPC 2023 Power Platform Conference

Learn about What Power Platform Conference was Like! And Announcements - MPPC 2023

The recent Microsoft Power Platform Conference (MPPC) 2023 was a hive of activity and excitement. From the sharing of experiences to key announcements, attendees thoroughly enjoyed the festivities. The convention primarily revolved around two significant topics: Copilot and Artificial Intelligence (AI), and their influencing roles in our global ecosystem in 2023. Simultaneously, the introduction of Microsoft Fabric was another highlight of the event.

To enhance comprehension and aptitude regarding the conference-specific subjects, there are several training courses one might consider. Platforms such as LinkedIn Learning, Coursera, and edX offer numerous online modules on Power Platform, Copilot, AI, and tools such as Power Automate, Power Apps, and Power BI. These modules range from beginner to advanced levels, making them suitable for everyone interested in broadening their understanding.

Another way to optimize the understanding of these topics would be through comprehensive reading. Various blogs, articles, and Microsoft-specific documentation provide an excellent foundation for these subjects. Utilizing resources such as Microsoft Learn can assist in comprehending the conference topics, with its deep-dive tutorials and learn-at-your-own-pace methodology. Information on the newly released Microsoft Fabric, too, can be garnered from Microsoft's official guides and tutorials.

Besides, numerous workshops occur throughout the year that deal with topics such as the Power Platform, Copilot, AI, and Microsoft Fabric. Engaging in such practical hands-on activities allows for a better grasp on the related topics. As mentioned in the video, one of the tips shared was to partake in these workshops if possible.

  • MPPC 2023 also shed light on the New Look & Feel of PFx in Power Automate. Understanding this improved interface is vital, and hence online tutorials and webinars could prove resourceful.
  • Additionally, with the number of Copilots now at 155, learning the functionality and usage of these Microsoft Copilots becomes crucial. Online courses covering this topic will be extremely valuable.
  • Similarly, there were updates regarding Power BI and Fabric. Online tutoring and webinars on these subjects might help gain insights into the updates.

Lastly, your learning should involve hands-on practice with Power Apps. Learning how to turn on Modern Controls and create in Modern Power Apps is key for anyone interested in this field. This can be achieved through in-depth tutorials and guided coursework.

In conclusion, a multitude of resources – from online courses and tutorials to workshops and hands-on projects – are at your disposal to learn and understand the key topics of MPPC 2023. The goal is to develop a comprehensive understanding of these subjects, equipping you with the knowledge you need to navigate the Microsoft landscape with ease.

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