Top SharePoint Intranet Web Part Ideas to Enhance UX
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Apr 17, 2024 11:00 PM

Top SharePoint Intranet Web Part Ideas to Enhance UX

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Revamp Your SharePoint Intranet with Top 10 Web Parts - Enhance Functionality & Engagement!

Key insights


  • Hero Web Part enhances your SharePoint Intranet by adding visually attractive links with images.

  • News Web Part facilitates the publication of news and announcements, allowing for content creation from both internal and external sources.

  • Events Web Part helps in showcasing and managing upcoming events, offering capabilities to aggregate events from various SharePoint sites.

  • Quick Links Web Part provides a customizable platform for linking to important URLs and resources, enhancing navigation.

  • Viva Engage (Conversations) Web Part introduces social engagement features by incorporating a Viva Engage (Yammer) Community into the SharePoint page.

In today's digital workplace, an effective and engaging intranet is more crucial than ever. SharePoint, a versatile platform for collaboration and communication, offers a wide range of web parts to create a dynamic and interactive intranet. The Hero Web Part serves as a gateway to key content, while the News Web Part keeps employees updated with the latest organizational news. The Events Web Part is an essential tool for promoting and managing corporate events, fostering a sense of community.

The addition of the Quick Links Web Part simplifies navigation, directing users to critical information or external websites efficiently. The social aspect of SharePoint intranets is significantly enhanced by the Viva Engage (Conversations) Web Part, which promotes interaction and collaboration among team members. By utilizing these web parts, organizations can craft a SharePoint Intranet that not only serves as an information hub but also enriches employee engagement and communication.

Enhancing SharePoint Intranet with Web Parts



SharePoint Intranet stands as a central pillar in fostering workplace collaboration and communication. By integrating various web parts, businesses can transform their SharePoint sites into a comprehensive platform that supports information sharing, event management, and social engagement. The Hero Web Part and News Web Part play pivotal roles in presenting essential content and updates in an appealing manner. Similarly, the Events Web Part ensures that employees are well-informed about upcoming activities, promoting a vibrant organizational culture.

SharePoint Online web parts greatly enhance the functionality and aesthetics of an organization's Intranet. These components allow for a customized and interactive digital workspace where team members can share news, events, and other content. The flexibility in configuring these web parts means that each SharePoint Intranet can be uniquely tailored to meet the organization's needs, improving communication and productivity.

The functionality extends further with the Quick Links Web Part, which streamlines access to vital resources, enhancing the user experience. Furthermore, the integration of the Viva Engage (Conversations) Web Part introduces a dynamic element to the intranet, enabling employees to engage, share ideas, and collaborate effectively. Overall, the strategic implementation of these web parts can significantly elevate the utility and engagement levels of SharePoint Intranets, making them indispensable tools in the modern digital workspace.

In this tutorial, "SharePoint Maven Inc" introduces the top 10 most popular web parts for SharePoint Online Intranet. As organizations create their SharePoint Intranet, deciding which web parts to add is a crucial step. This video summaries ten web parts frequently utilized by SharePoint Online users in their Intranets.

The ten web parts covered in the video include Hero, News, Events, Quick Links, Countdown Timer, Weather, World Clock, Stream, Viva Engage (Conversations), and Image Gallery Web Parts. The video details each web part's functionalities, configuration options, and limitations. Various layout examples are provided to illustrate how these web parts can be integrated into SharePoint pages effectively.

The Hero Web Part is highlighted for its ability to add visually appealing links with images to the Intranet. Meanwhile, the News Web Part focuses on publishing news and announcements, with the capability to roll up content from other SharePoint sites within the intranet. The Events Web Part similarly allows the display and aggregation of organizational events.


SharePoint Online - Top SharePoint Intranet Web Part Ideas to Enhance UX


People also ask

What are web parts used for in SharePoint?

In the context of SharePoint, when a modern page is added to a site, the user has the opportunity to enhance it by incorporating web parts. These components serve as the foundational elements of the page, allowing for the inclusion of a variety of content such as text, images, files, videos, and dynamic content, among others, thereby enriching the user's experience and the page's functionality.

Can I use SharePoint as an intranet?

Indeed, Microsoft SharePoint presents a comprehensive spectrum of functionalities and tools suitable for constructing intranet sites tailored to organizational needs. Transitioning your organization's intranet to SharePoint within the Microsoft 365 environment could necessitate a considerable amount of time, especially if there's already a substantial amount of existing intranet content to migrate.

How do I create a custom web part in SharePoint?

To incorporate a custom visual web part into an existing SharePoint project.

What should be on a SharePoint site?

For optimal SharePoint site organization, it's recommended to include all associated subsites within your Team Site. Additionally, highlighting crucial lists or libraries present on both the Team Site and its subsites can significantly enhance navigability, allowing users to swiftly identify and access key areas of interest directly from the site's homepage.



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