Visual Level Pagination: UX Revolution in Power BI Optimization
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Sep 13, 2023 10:00 AM

Visual Level Pagination: UX Revolution in Power BI Optimization

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Learn UX revolution techniques with visual level pagination in Power BI for improved viewer experience and intuitive design.

In this video, the topic of UX revolution with visual level pagination in Power BI is discussed. The video demonstrates how to split a visual into several pages with the option to set the number of items that should show on each page. This technique greatly optimizes the viewer experience and enhances the UX intuitiveness. Application of this idea is prevalent in web design. The video also emphasizes on tricks and tips to use Power BI more effectively.

  • What is pagination
  • Add options to choose number of items and pages
  • Ranking the items
  • Label trick to show ranking in visual
  • Creating an item filter
  • Improving the design - number of items entry
  • Improving the design - number of pages entry
  • Creating page filter
  • End of the session

Deeper Understanding of the PowerBI UX

Visual level pagination is a versatile feature incorporated in Power BI that can significantly improve UX design. With the right execution, this tool enables users to cleanly organize and filter large amounts of data. This not only enhances the user experience but improves overall report efficiency.

This feature embodies the ability to split a visual into several pages where each page displays an adjustable number of items. Widely used in web design, this UX design technique can now be applied in Power BI to create a smoother, more intuitive interface.

Customizing the number of pages and items, ranking items, employing label tricks to show visual rankings, creating custom filters, and refining the design elements, all can improve the effectivity of Power BI reports.

The video tutorial demonstrates these techniques step-by-step, guiding viewers through the process of setting up visual level pagination in Power BI. Understanding these techniques would help the users leverage Power BI's potential and optimize their data visualization tasks.

Learn about UX Revolution with Visual Level PAGINATION in Power BI

The main topic is about enhancing UX design in Power BI using Visual Level Pagination. The text discusses the idea of splitting a visual into several pages, with the added capability of defining the number of items to be displayed per page, a concept often found in web design. The ultimate goal is to optimize the viewer experience making the UX more intutitive and closer to the experience provided on the web. This design transformation for Power BI is part of upcoming training that the author has been promoting. Necessary resources and training materials are available for downloading via provided links.


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