Power Automate – Generate my Meeting Minutes (GenAI)
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Feb 10, 2024 3:30 AM

Power Automate – Generate my Meeting Minutes (GenAI)

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Revolutionize Note-Taking with GenAI: How to Automate Your Meeting Minutes!

Key insights


  • Utilizing Generative AI for Efficiency: The author discusses how Generative AI is employed to transform the task of documenting meeting minutes, which is historically time-consuming, especially for active participants. This AI innovation simplifies the creation and sharing of meeting outcomes and action items with colleagues, significantly enhancing productivity.
  • Experimentation and Application: To test the concept, the author uses Azure OpenAI Chatbot to generate a demo meeting transcript. This initial step is crucial for refining the AI's understanding and ability to produce meeting minutes swiftly and accurately from the given text.
  • Integrated Solution Development: The proposed solution consists of an Azure-powered backend using a Container App for processing meeting transcripts and a Power Automate Flow for user interaction. This setup demonstrates an efficient, cost-effective way to harness Azure OpenAI for practical business applications.
  • Power Automate Flow as a User Interface: A simple, yet powerful user interface created with Power Automate Flow facilitates the uploading of transcript files and communication with the Azure backend. This ease of interaction streamlines the process for end-users, ensuring the generation and delivery of meeting minutes with minimal effort.
  • Generative AI's Versatile Potential: The article highlights the virtually limitless applications of generative AI across various spheres, contingent upon human creativity and the integration of existing technologies. Through this exploration, the author effectively showcases the transformative potential of generative AI, especially when combined with Microsoft technologies.

Exploring the Intersection of Generative AI and Microsoft Technologies

The integration of Generative AI with Microsoft technologies, particularly Azure and Power Automate, represents a powerful leap forward in streamlining administrative tasks such as meeting documentation. This fusion not only showcases the practical application of AI in a business context but also highlights the broader implications for efficiency and process optimization.


The development process, from testing the AI's ability to understand and generate meeting transcripts to implementing a fully functioning solution, underscores the importance of a thoughtful, user-centric approach. Moreover, the adaptability of this solution across various use cases encourages a reimagining of how we approach tasks that have traditionally required significant human effort. As businesses continue to seek innovative ways to enhance productivity and reduce overhead, the role of generative AI in automating and optimizing routine processes cannot be overstated. This case study serves as a compelling example of the synergy between AI and human creativity, ultimately leading to smarter, more efficient work environments.


Today, Michael Megel discussed how he uses Generative AI to streamline the process of documenting meeting minutes, especially during meetings where he's an active participant. He highlights the use of AI to understand the transcript of the meeting and subsequently generate the minutes. This innovation allows for the sharing of action items and results with colleagues efficiently.

The testing phase consisted of using Azure OpenAI Chatbot to generate a demo meeting transcript featuring four persons over a 45-minute duration. By setting specific parameters, such as including timestamps and using 1000 words for the conversation, he successfully demonstrates the feasibility of his concept. Once the AI-generated transcript was ready, the next step involved generating the meeting minutes, which proved to be an acceptable outcome for Megel.

His solution encompasses two main components: the use of an Azure Container App for processing the meeting transcript into minutes and a user-friendly interface via a Power Automate Flow for uploading meeting minutes. The blog details the technical setup within Azure, utilizing Python, FastAPI, LangChain, and Azure OpenAI instance. Megel praises the cost-effectiveness of using Azure Container Apps due to their scalability and consumption-based payment model.

The user interface, facilitated by a simple Power Automate Flow, offers a seamless way to upload meeting transcripts and receive generated meeting minutes directly in Microsoft Teams. This approach not only simplifies the process but also highlights the practical application of AI within a familiar platform. The effectiveness of the solution depends on the size of the transcript file, with the final output delivered as a Microsoft Teams message.

In summary, Megel underscores the vast potential of Generative AI in various domains, limited only by one's imagination and the amalgamation of current technologies. By utilizing Azure OpenAI chatbot for the demo, he showcases the integration of AI in facilitating routine tasks. The blog further explores the development and deployment of a containerized app that leverages Azure OpenAI for generating meeting minutes, simplified through a Power Automate Flow as a user interface. He concludes by emphasizing how a streamlined Power Platform solution facilitates the use of AI in enhancing productivity.

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