Fix Sensitivity Labels Issue in Office Online Quickly
Apr 12, 2024 4:16 AM

Fix Sensitivity Labels Issue in Office Online Quickly

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Solve Sensitivity Labels Issue in Office Online: Your Ultimate Guide!

Key insights


  • Troubleshoot Sensitivity Labels in Office Online.
  • "This Label can't be applied in word for the web" was the error reported.
  • The issue was first mentioned 10 months ago in a previous video.
  • A follow-up was prompted by a viewer's comment seeking a solution.
  • A solution has now been found and shared in the latest update.

Exploring Sensitivity Labels in Office Online

Handling sensitivity labels within Office Online, particularly in Word for the web, has presented challenges to users, as depicted in a recent video. Sensitivity labels are crucial for maintaining data security and compliance, enabling users to classify and protect content based on its sensitivity. The error encountered when applying these labels has caused confusion and interruptions in workflow, underscoring the importance of prompt and effective troubleshooting. Fortunately, the content creator has revisited the issue after an audience member prompted for a resolution, ultimately finding and presenting a workaround. This not only demonstrates the content creator's commitment to solving user problems but also highlights the dynamic nature of troubleshooting software issues, requiring continuous learning and adaptation. The exploration and resolution of challenges like these are vital for users to fully leverage the security features offered by Office Online without hindrance.



Peter Rising [MVP], a recognized expert in Microsoft tools, recently addressed a critical issue in a YouTube video regarding troubleshooting Sensitivity Labels in Office Online. He began by mentioning an error he encountered 10 months ago with Sensitivity Labels in Word for the web. Despite the lapse of time, interest remains high, as evidenced by a recent comment asking for a follow-up.

Rising revisited the topic due to continued viewer interest and has now identified a solution to the problem. Sensitivity Labels are a crucial component of data security, allowing users to classify and protect content based on its sensitivity. The error in question prevented the application of these labels when using Word in a web browser, posing a significant inconvenience.

Sensitivity Labels are a cornerstone of Microsoft's approach to data security, allowing organizations to classify and protect their information based on its sensitivity. These labels are integral to Microsoft Compliance Center, offering a layer of protection that helps prevent the accidental sharing of sensitive data. Their role is becoming increasingly critical as organizations migrate more of their operations and data storage to the cloud.


Microsoft Compliance center - Fix Sensitivity Labels Issue in Office Online Quickly


People also ask

Why are sensitivity labels not showing in Outlook online?

Answer: "Ensure that the user account logged into Outlook is subscribed to Microsoft 365. Confirm that the sensitivity labels have been correctly published within the Microsoft Purview compliance portal. Additionally, make sure that the Outlook version in use adheres to the requirements specified under Sensitivity label capabilities in Outlook."

How do I change the sensitivity label in Office 365?

Answer: "In Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, the sensitivity bar can be located on the title bar next to the file name. Clicking on this icon will display the report. If there is an existing label on the file, it will be shown. To alter the label, either select the sensitivity bar or the filename."

How do I use sensitivity labels in SharePoint Online?

Answer: "Apply a sensitivity label to a SharePoint document library by selecting the option to do so."

How do I reset my sensitivity in Outlook?

Answer: "To adjust the sensitivity level of an email, navigate to your draft message and select File > Properties. In the Settings section, find the Sensitivity list and choose from Normal, Personal, Private, or Confidential. The default setting is Normal. After selecting, click Close."



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