Teams Inventory – Implement Membership Requests
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Mar 2, 2023 1:00 PM

Teams Inventory – Implement Membership Requests

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Recently I published a blog article where I describe a way how to create your own Teams Inventory with native M365 features. Today I share an example.

Today I share an example of implementing Teams membership join requests into this solution. The users of your Teams Inventory will be able to request the membership of every listed Team afterward. The Team Owners will be asked for their approval. Again, we use simple tools to get it done.

How to get there?

Here is a short explanation of what we will build today: We will create a Power Automate Flow that can be triggered by users, using the inventory. This helper-flow will create an Approval Item in a separate SharePoint List. This Item will trigger another Power Automate Flow. That Flow will start an approval for the Teams Owners to let them process the approval request. When the owner has approved the membership request, the requesting user will be added to the Team.

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More about Teams Inventory

Teams Inventory Membership Requests is a feature of Microsoft Teams that helps admins manage their teams and make sure users have access to the resources they need. This feature allows admins to create custom membership requests for specific team members, specifying which role or roles each user should be granted on the team. Once submitted, the request will appear in an admin's inventory list so that it can quickly be approved or denied.

Admins can also review any pending requests from within the Teams Admin Center, allowing them to easily keep track of who has requested access and when they requested it.

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