Comprehensive History & Evolution of SharePoint Services
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Sep 11, 2023 6:18 PM

Comprehensive History & Evolution of SharePoint Services

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Discover how SharePoint drives Microsoft 365 apps in an engaging, parodical tale - The Service That SharePoint Built.

Microsoft's SharePoint services have undergone a remarkable evolution, as described humorously in a new tech parody PDF named "The Service That SharePoint Built". The book, which was released in the spring of 2023, offers a valuable learning tool for those interested in how Microsoft 365 applications function.

Depicting a conversation between two IT Pros, the book humorously explains how many Microsoft 365 applications, such as Loop, OneDrive, Sites, Designer, Syntex, Office, Teams, Viva, Stream, Whiteboard, Search, Yammer, and Lists, are all powered by SharePoint.

This parody by authors Mark Kashman, Susan Hanley and illustrator Rebecca Jackson aims to shed light on the integral role of SharePoint services across platforms and applications.

Delving Deeper: How SharePoint Powers Microsoft 365

SharePoint acts as an integral building block for Microsoft 365. Today, most Microsoft 365 applications, including Loop, OneDrive, Sites, Designer, Syntex, Office, Teams, Viva, Stream, Whiteboard, Search, Yammer, Lists, have SharePoint at their core.

In "The Service that SharePoint Built," the authors creatively use a playful scenario between two IT professionals to demonstrate SharePoint's central role in operating these multitude of apps.

The book beautifully catalogues the hierarchical operations of Microsoft 365, beginning from service, metadata, file, library, site, hub, search, Viva Topics, Teams, Connections, to finally the entire Microsoft 365 ecosystem. At each stage, the authors emphasize SharePoint’s pivotal role.

Not only does this enrich the readers' understanding of the workings of the backend processes, but it also underlines the significance of SharePoint's deep-rooted connection to the cloud-based suite of Microsoft 365.

This easy-to-read yet effective portrayal of SharePoint's functions makes this book a must-read for tech enthusiasts seeking to better comprehend SharePoint’s role in the tech giant's software infrastructure.


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Learn about SharePoint Services Evolution: A Comprehensive Historical Overview

Tech community has recently published a blog post entitled "SharePoint Services Evolution: A Comprehensive Historical Overview". The blog post marks an important shift in SharePoint's journey; declaring the goodbye to subsites. Since the inception of SharePoint in March 2001, it has continued to evolve and is recognized as the integral part of many Microsoft 365 applications.


The post introduces a new and interesting document, "The Service That SharePoint Built" by Mark Kashman and Susan Hanley. The document creatively outlines SharePoint's contributions and how it powers a plethora of applications and services. It presents an imaginative scenario of two IT professionals acknowledging that a vast number of apps and services such as Loop, OneDrive, Syntex, Office, Teams, Viva, Stream, and others, run on SharePoint's backbone.


This intriguing publication is intended not just to provide technical information but to blend humor with education, serving as a tool for understanding the importance of SharePoint in Microsoft 365.

  • Check out a summary of the story on Microsoft's blog "The Service That SharePoint Built" [source].
  • Visit and explore services and platforms that SharePoint has built on this link [source].

For individuals and professionals who want to learn more about SharePoint and its significance in the Microsoft 365 environment, check out these educational references:

  • “The role of SharePoint in Microsoft 365” [source]
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  • Full text of “The Service That SharePoint Built” [source]


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