The Service That SharePoint Built – a cumulative evolution story
Jan 29, 2023 9:00 PM

The Service That SharePoint Built – a cumulative evolution story

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Tech enthusiasts, the wait is over. “Goodnight Subsites” paved the way to have fun while learning – parodical tales tested through time – since March 27th, 2001

The article introduces “The Service That SharePoint Built,” a new tech parody tale that is expected to become popular among tech enthusiasts. The story explores how many Microsoft 365 applications are powered by SharePoint, and it uses humor to make learning about the topic fun. The authors and illustrator of the book are introduced, and readers are encouraged to read and share the full story. The article also mentions the previous success of “Goodnight Subsites,” another parodical tech tale that has been popular since 2001.

The Service That SharePoint Built – a cumulative evolution story

The SharePoint Story

  1. SharePoint 2001: This was the first version of SharePoint, which was initially called SharePoint Team Services. It was a basic document management and collaboration tool.
  2. SharePoint 2003: The second version of SharePoint introduced more advanced features such as web parts, templates, and improved search capabilities.
  3. SharePoint 2007: This version introduced major enhancements such as a redesigned user interface, improved workflows, and business intelligence features.
  4. SharePoint 2010: SharePoint 2010 introduced many new features, including improved collaboration tools, enhanced search capabilities, and better integration with other Microsoft products.
  5. SharePoint 2013: The 2013 version of SharePoint included improvements to social networking features, mobile access, and search capabilities.
  6. SharePoint 2016: This version introduced enhancements to hybrid deployment, compliance, and security features.
  7. SharePoint 2019: SharePoint 2019 is the latest on-premises version of SharePoint, which introduced new features such as improved support for mobile devices and OneDrive for Business.

SharePoint is a web-based collaborative platform developed by Microsoft. It was first launched in 2001 and has since become a widely-used tool for organizations to manage and share information, documents, and data.

The idea behind SharePoint is to provide a central location for teams and organizations to store, organize, and share information. It allows users to create sites and sub-sites, which can be customized and configured to meet specific needs.

Questions and Answers about Microsoft 365/SharePoint/SharePoint Online

SharePoint evolved from projects codenamed "Office Server" and "Tahoe" during the Office XP development cycle. "Office Server" evolved out of the FrontPage and Office Server Extensions and "Team Pages". It targeted simple, bottom-up collaboration.

SharePoint updates are cumulative, so each update contains all of the fixes that have been released up to that point, including all previously-released security fixes. Only the most recently-released STS and WSSLOC updates need to be installed to get all of the fixes for previously-published security CVEs.