New SharePoint Image Backgrounds & Feedback Features
SharePoint Online
Mar 11, 2024 4:00 PM

New SharePoint Image Backgrounds & Feedback Features

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Key insights


  • New design options in SharePoint Online with the introduction of section background images, enhancing the visual appeal of pages and news. This initially includes a curated set of gradients and images, with the option to add custom images planned for future updates.
  • Integration of a new Feedback option in SharePoint Online, encouraging users to contribute their input and suggestions directly within the platform.
  • Microsoft Teams updates include improvements such as meeting option categorizations and multi-instance app customization support, streamlining the user experience.
  • Microsoft Outlook for Windows will soon feature the ability to copy emails as attachments, facilitating better email management and sharing.
  • Microsoft Search enhancements with new content source filters in the All vertical, making it easier for users to find specific information across various content types.

Advancements in Microsoft SharePoint and Teams

Microsoft's recent updates to SharePoint Online and Teams highlight the company's commitment to improving user experience and functionality within its collaborative platform suite. The addition of section background images in SharePoint Online promises to bring a new layer of visual customization, allowing users to create more engaging and personalized pages. This enhancement, coupled with the new Feedback option, empowers users to shape the platform according to their needs and preferences.

On the Teams front, categorization of meeting options and support for multi-instance app customization are significant steps toward making the platform more intuitive and versatile for diverse team needs. The ability to copy emails as attachments in Microsoft Outlook for Windows, and the introduction of new content source filters in Microsoft Search, further testify to Microsoft's ongoing efforts to streamline workflows and improve information retrieval across its ecosystem.





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