SharePoint News Digest: Top 7 Essential Features to Know
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Sep 26, 2023 5:36 PM

SharePoint News Digest: Top 7 Essential Features to Know

by HubSite 365 about Ellen van Aken

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Unlock the secrets of SharePoint News Digest with these 7 essential updates for Microsoft experts.

Renowned expert and blogger, Ellen van Aken, recently shed light on updates and insights about SharePoint's News Digest in her latest post.

In the blog, she outlines seven critical areas to understand regarding News Digest. The first point highlights that creating and sending newsletters using SharePoint Online requires users to have either contributor or edit access to a site. Users with reader role don't have “Create a News digest” option. For more info on this, refer to the article by Aken.

Secondly, Ellen advises not to worry when you don't see the “See All” button as it may be a web part setting glitch. This, along with other reasons, are discussed in the full blog. Using the Description field effectively to summarize the post is stressed as the third point. A good summary ensures audiences can gauge if they want to read the full post.

In the fourth point, Ellen discusses how one digest could compile information from various SharePoint sites. This could be achieved by either linking or permanently including news from different sites. The latter can be carried out either via News posts from one or more sites or by using News posts from all sites into your SharePoint hub if your site is a hub site.

The fifth point sparkles excitement. The author discloses potential options to format the digest email, which users can do while forwarding the digest. Some reshaping includes changing the colour scheme and adding different logotypes, which enriches the overall appearance of the email.

Other Notable Points

The sixth point underlines that the digest will be sent from your personal email address always. If corporations wish to share a digest on behalf of some entity, Ellen suggests first sending the Digest to the department's mailbox and then forwarding it to the intended audience.

The last point addresses the possibility of not everyone receiving your News Digest due to various factors like issues with the email server or accidental blockages. These issues could be mitigated by informing your audience about the reason and value, and showing them how to check their Junk Mail or Archive.

Ellen concludes by opening up the discussion for any other “things to know” about the SharePoint News Digest, encouraging readers to share their insights.

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SharePoint Online - SharePoint News Digest: Top 7 Essential Features to Know

Learn about 7 more things to know about the SharePoint News digest

In this article, we explore additional insights about the SharePoint Online News Digest feature, building on my prior article, "10 things to know about the SP News digest". We've gathered more knowledge about its operation, with significant relevance to News publishers and Site Owners who might be looking to increase their expertise.

1. Required Access Level for Creating Newsletters

You must have a contributor or edit level access on a site to create and send a newsletter. The right to construct a page, add images and more is tied to these access levels. Those with read-only access in a site do not have the option to create a News Digest.

2. Issue with the "See All" Button

In some instances, some settings on the web part might cause the "See All" button to disappear. It has been found that if the Site Owner deselects “Show title and commands” in the web part or used the Hub layout for News, the "See All" button can disappear. Another possible reason is if there aren't enough published news posts compared to the set number of posts to display.

3. The Importance of the Description Field

Using the Description field to provide good summaries of your post is a beneficial habit to acquire. It enables the audience to glean useful information without wasting their time. Especially for newsletters, this details whether they should read the full post. If you're not the one publishing News posts, teaching your publishers about this field's usage is recommended.

4. Integrating News from Various Sites in One Digest

SharePoint Online provides the facility to create one Digest from multiple News sites. This includes one-off News posts, permanent inclusion of News from other sites, or News from all sites in a Hub (if your site is a Hub site).

5. Customizing the Digest Email

Although Microsoft is still working on their formatting options, it's currently possible to format the Digest from the Outlook Desktop app or even with Outlook-on-the-web. You can do this while forwarding the Digest, enabling changes to the colour scheme and addition of logos.

6. News Digest Sender

The Digest is always sent from your personal email address, a trait of SharePoint's personal touch. If you wish to send it on behalf of a department, send the Digest first to the department mailbox and then forward it from there. This approach also offers the opportunity to format the email, shorten the title, and more.

7. Delivery of News Digest

Several users might not receive your News Digest due to reasons ranging from issues with your email server, the email ending up in Junk mail, or the user blocking such emails. It's advisable to inform your audience about the Digest's purpose, the value it offers, and how to check their Junk mail.

We've tried our best to enlighten you about the SharePoint News Digest. We hope this knowledge will be helpful to you. If you come across any other interesting facts about this feature, do let us know!

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