What is SharePoint Embedded ? Features and Overview
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Nov 29, 2023 9:00 AM

What is SharePoint Embedded ? Features and Overview

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Discover SharePoint Embedded Public Preview – Revolutionizing Enterprise Content Management!

SharePoint Embedded the new addition by Microsoft is now in public preview for custom content app building. SharePoint Embedded allows for headless API-only development, incorporating features like collaboration and compliance, all within an enterprise's existing Microsoft 365 tenant. This new platform can enhance line of business apps and offer ISVs the power to include Microsoft 365 content management into their applications. Adoption of this approach ensures document management within the customer's tenant, along with familiar, reliable content management systems.

"SharePoint Embedded is a new platform designed for use by both first-party Microsoft products and third-party apps created by any developer. Two of our newest apps, Microsoft Loop and Microsoft Designer are powered by SharePoint Embedded. Built on the same stack as SharePoint and OneDrive, SharePoint Embedded is highly scalable and performant, and designed for hyperscale use cases."

  • Extend advanced Microsoft 365 security and compliance to your app, such as audit, eDiscovery, Bring Your Own Key, and more
  • Leverage Microsoft 365 business continuity capabilities such as autoscaling, high availability, Microsoft 365 Backup, Microsoft 365 Archive, and disaster recovery.
  • Deliver Microsoft 365 collaboration to your customers, users, and guest users as part of your app, such as coauthoring in Word or PowerPoint.
  • Embed Microsoft’s trusted content management capabilities in your app, such as search, content preview, and version tracking.
  • Craft a custom user experience that puts your app in complete control of security, lifecycle, and management.
  • Harness the power of SharePoint Premium (e.g. document processing, eSignature, content assembly) in your app.
  • Add your content to search and the Microsoft 365 semantic index – the technology powering Copilot for Microsoft 365.

The platform is designed for integration with both Microsoft and third-party apps. Microsoft Loop and Microsoft Designer are the first to benefit from SharePoint Embedded's high scalability and performance. SharePoint Embedded is now optimized for even the most significantly scaled use cases.


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How does it work?

SharePoint Embedded is a new platform that can be used by both Microsoft products and third-party apps created by any developer. SharePoint Embedded powers two of our newest apps, Microsoft Loop and Microsoft Designer. SharePoint Embedded, which is built on the same stack as SharePoint and OneDrive, is highly scalable and performant, and is intended for hyperscale use cases.

The Reinforcement of the Developer Ecosystem with SharePoint Embedded

SharePoint Embedded serves as a platform open not just to Microsoft's first-party products but also to third-party developer apps. Microsoft Loop and Microsoft Designer are among the first to utilize SharePoint Embedded. Sharing the technology stack with SharePoint and OneDrive, this new platform promises scalability and high performance, suitable even for hyperscale applications.

This new content management platform enhances custom app development by offering:

  • Advanced Microsoft 365 security and compliance within apps
  • Business continuity features like autoscaling and disaster recovery
  • Collaboration tools embedded into applications, like real-time co-authoring

Plus, with SharePoint Embedded, developers get access to Microsoft's powerful search capabilities and a semantic index that powers Copilot for Microsoft 365.

SharePoint Embedded's Technological Advancements

At its core, SharePoint Embedded is making strides with "containers," a new scalable approach to manage content. These containers are designed to meet the modern app requirements with an elaborate security architecture.

The platform is built on familiar Graph APIs for ease of adoption and features a layered security architecture to satisfy stringent security standards. It's also integrated with Microsoft 365 Admin Center and Microsoft Purview for comprehensive content lifecycle management.

Microsoft is actively engaging with enterprises and ISVs globally. This collaboration is intended to tailor a flexible platform that can adapt to various industries and use cases, like finance, law, healthcare, IT, and construction.

Real-world Applications of SharePoint Embedded

KPMG, a figurehead in advisory and audit services, uses SharePoint Embedded to handle sensitive documents and to power KPMG Clara, their global audit platform. This enables secure collaboration and provides AI-enabled experiences while maintaining data compliance and security.

Similarly, Peppermint Technology partners with Pinsent Masons to deploy a cutting-edge legal document management system using SharePoint Embedded. This partnership marks an evolution in legal technology, offering AI-powered data discovery and strengthened security measures.

SPC23 attendees in Amsterdam have the opportunity to further explore SharePoint Embedded through keynotes and breakout sessions, highlighting Microsoft's commitment to innovating work through AI and collaborative platforms.

Availability and Resources

Excited to roll out for public preview, SharePoint Embedded's general availability is anticipated for mid-2024. It adopts a consumption-based pricing model based on storage usage, API call volume, and data transfer, eliminating the need for extra user licenses.

Essential resources and additional information for setup can be found through specific resource links and partners can explore the Content AI Partner Program. Keep informed about SharePoint Embedded, as well as other content management solutions, by signing up for updates.

The team is eager to support the creation of next-gen content apps and looks forward to engaging and receiving feedback through the Tech Community.

What are Microsoft SharePoint Features?

Microsoft SharePoint Embedded is a cloud-based file and document management system designed for integration into any application. It's an API-only solution that utilizes Microsoft 365's file and document storage capabilities, suitable for both enterprise business applications and ISVs creating multi-tenant applications.

Key Features

  1. App Documents within Microsoft 365 Tenant:

    Creates a SharePoint partition within the tenant for storage, accessible only via APIs.

  2. File Storage Containers:

    Uses Microsoft Graph APIs to store files in "File Storage Containers", similar to an API-only Document Library in SharePoint.

  3. App Managed Content Experiences:

    Content is accessible only through the application, with features for file management and collaboration on Office documents.

  4. Usage in Various Applications:

    Used by Microsoft products and ISVs for managing content within M365 tenants.

  5. Consumer Microsoft 365 Settings:

    Documents stored are subject to the consumer's Microsoft 365 settings, including compliance and security features.

  6. Costs and Billing:

    Billed separately through an Azure subscription on a pay-as-you-go model, based on storage and API calls.

Getting Started with SharePoint Embedded

To begin using SharePoint Embedded, developers can follow the Getting Started guide for further app development. This system offers a flexible, secure, and efficient way to manage documents and files within Microsoft 365 tenants.

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