Master SharePoint Embedding: Key Uses and Examples
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Jan 4, 2024 8:00 PM

Master SharePoint Embedding: Key Uses and Examples

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Explore SharePoint Embedded for seamless document-centric app creation with custom UX – storage powered by SharePoint!

Key insights


SharePoint Embedded is a fresh addition to Microsoft 365 that supports the development of document-centric applications with custom user interfaces, utilizing SharePoint for effective document storage.

This service is designed for various scenarios, including structured user experiences, controlled collaboration, and customer-facing document uploads. It represents a significant evolution in how SharePoint can be used within organizations.

Understanding the architecture of SharePoint Embedded applications is crucial for developers. The platform also features a detailed outline of the costs and billing associated with hosting SharePoint Embedded content. Additionally, information is provided on how to set up SharePoint Embedded in your Microsoft 365 Tenant.

  • Enables the creation of custom document-centric apps
  • Suitable for various business scenarios
  • Offers a detailed explanation of architecture and billing
  • Step-by-step setup instructions are provided
  • Streamlines document management within organizations

About SharePoint Embedded

SharePoint Embedded is revolutionizing the way companies build applications by conveniently amalgamating document management capabilities with custom interfaces, directly inside Microsoft 365. It grants developers the ability to create applications tailored to specific business processes while leveraging SharePoint's robust document storage system. These applications can range from simple internal tools to complex customer-facing portals, all benefitting from SharePoint's secure and integrated environment. With SharePoint Embedded, organizations can enhance collaboration, increase efficiency, and maintain control over their document workflows, all with the reliability and scalability that Microsoft's cloud offerings provide.

The platform is designed for integration with both Microsoft and third-party apps. Microsoft Loop and Microsoft Designer are the first to benefit from SharePoint Embedded's high scalability and performance. SharePoint Embedded is now optimized for even the most significantly scaled use cases.


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