SharePoint Document Sets they relevant in 2023?
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May 13, 2023 12:00 PM

SharePoint Document Sets they relevant in 2023?

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Have you heard about document sets? - they’re definitely not the latest, but maybe they’re the greatest?

SharePoint Document Sets are a feature of SharePoint that allows users to group related documents together into a single, organized package. They are a great way to keep related documents in one place and to make sure that the latest version is always available. Document Sets can also be used to manage versions of documents, and to make sure that documents are stored in a consistent location.

Document sets are a special folder type in SharePoint that offer unique features for organizing and managing content. They were initially introduced in the classic SharePoint UI and made a return to the modern UI in 2019, but still lack some of their original functionalities.

Key features of document sets include:

  1. Metadata tagging: Unlike regular folders, document sets can be tagged with metadata, improving searchability and organization.
  2. Shared Columns: Document sets allow for sharing specific columns with every file inside the document library, regardless of the file’s content type. This enhances search capabilities and is useful in situations like CRM integration.
  3. Default content: Document sets can automatically create a set of files and/or folders with predefined content when a new document set is created, streamlining processes like preparing documents for clients.
  4. Limit content types: Document sets can be configured to restrict the content types that can be added, ensuring better organization and compliance.

However, there are some issues with document sets, such as the classic layout for creating them, which hasn’t been modernized yet. Despite working in the modern SharePoint UI, users are redirected to the classic interface when creating document sets, which can be confusing and less visually appealing.

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