SharePoint: Brand Center & Fonts Guide
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Apr 22, 2024 8:24 AM

SharePoint: Brand Center & Fonts Guide

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Revamp Your SharePoint with the Brand Center & Custom Fonts | Dive into Microsoft 365 Updates

Key insights


  • The new Brand Center in SharePoint will help standardize sites and content across Microsoft 365, with initial capabilities including custom font packages.
  • Users will soon be able to upload their own font packages to SharePoint, enhancing branding across SharePoint and Viva Connections.
  • Teams Apps are now supported in group chats with external users, facilitating better collaboration and integration.
  • The introduction of new video page templates for Stream and SharePoint offers enhanced visual and multimedia content management.
  • Loop components in Microsoft OneNote and saving meeting recordings in Microsoft OneDrive reflect ongoing improvements in collaboration tools.

Exploring the SharePoint Brand Center

The introduction of the SharePoint Brand Center signifies an exciting development for organizations looking to streamline and standardize their internal branding across Microsoft 365. Central to this initiative is the capability for organizations to upload custom font packages, a feature that promises to bring a new level of personalization and brand consistency to an array of platforms, including SharePoint and Viva Connections. This aligns with Microsoft's broader objectives to enhance user experience and collaboration by integrating Teams Apps in group chats with external users and introducing new video page templates for Stream and SharePoint.

Furthermore, the integration of Loop components in Microsoft OneNote and adjustments to how meeting recordings are stored—now in the organizer's Microsoft OneDrive—demonstrate Microsoft's dedication to refining and advancing collaboration tools. These updates, along with allowing for collaborative annotations to be saved as a Microsoft Whiteboard, illustrate the tech giant's continuous efforts to innovate and support productivity in a digital-first workplace. As these features begin rolling out, users can anticipate a significant positive impact on how organizations communicate, collaborate, and maintain brand consistency across the Microsoft 365 suite.

Introducing the SharePoint Brand Center and Custom Fonts: A Comprehensive Overview

The latest episode from "365 Message Center Show" brings exciting news for Microsoft 365 users, highlighting the rollout of the new SharePoint Brand Center along with custom font capabilities. This development signals a significant stride towards customizing and standardizing SharePoint sites and content across Microsoft 365. Initially, the Brand Center will offer custom font packages that align with your organization's internal branding, setting the stage for future enhancements including the ability to upload your own font packages.

Key Updates and Features

  • The introduction of the Brand Center in SharePoint Online aims to provide a centralized platform for managing organizational branding across Microsoft 365.
  • Custom font packages will be made available, ensuring consistency in branding across various applications within SharePoint Online and Viva Connections.
  • Future updates will allow for the uploading of personalized font packages, enhancing the customization and standardization capabilities for users.

Moreover, the episode touched upon other significant updates such as the integration of Teams Apps in group chats with external users, new video page templates for Stream and SharePoint Online, and the introduction of Loop components in Microsoft OneNote. These updates underscore Microsoft's commitment to improving collaboration and content management across its suite of applications.

Implications for Users and Organizations

  • The Brand Center represents a pivotal tool for organizations aiming to maintain a cohesive brand identity within their SharePoint Online environments and beyond.
  • Custom fonts and upcoming features will empower users to tailor their digital workspace to reflect their organizational branding accurately, fostering a more personalized and professional experience.
  • Additional updates, including new video templates and collaboration tools, further enhance the versatility and utility of Microsoft 365 for comprehensive content creation and management.

Deep Dive into SharePoint Online's Brand Center and Custom Fonts

The new Brand Center in SharePoint Online is set to revolutionize the way organizations manage their digital branding on the platform. By providing a centralized hub for brand management, SharePoint Online enables users to ensure consistency across their content and applications, an essential factor for maintaining professional and cohesive brand imagery. The custom fonts feature allows for further personalization, giving organizations the opportunity to use fonts that match their brand identity across SharePoint and Viva Connections. This not only elevates the aesthetic appeal of their digital workspace but also enhances brand recognition among employees and clients.

As Microsoft continues to roll out these features, users can look forward to an even more customizable SharePoint Online experience. The ability to upload personal font packages will open up new avenues for creativity and branding strategy, making it easier for organizations to stand out in a digital-first world. Moreover, the additional updates mentioned, such as support for Teams Apps in group chats with external users, new video page templates, Loop components in OneNote, and more, reflect Microsoft 365’s evolving ecosystem designed to meet users' collaborative and content management needs.



SharePoint Online - Optimize SharePoint: Brand Center & Fonts Guide | Ep 329


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