Microsoft Purview Unveils New Fabric Features Preview
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Nov 29, 2023 10:00 AM

Microsoft Purview Unveils New Fabric Features Preview

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The blog post introduces a new integration between Microsoft Fabric and Microsoft Purview that enables seamless storage, analysis, and governance of data. Microsoft Fabric items are now integrated into the Microsoft Purview Data Map for better data management. It's announced that the Data Map is attached by default to every Fabric instance, simplifying setup and access.

Accessing Fabric items has been made easy with a dedicated page, the Purview Hub, which is currently in public preview. This page serves as a gateway to various Purview insights, including item inventory and sensitive data. Users can browse their Fabric items directly from the Microsoft Purview Data Catalog, which provides workspace visibility depending on the user's permissions in Fabric.

Within Microsoft Purview, all Fabric items are organized by experiences and item types for streamlined categorization. Users can also view asset details and directly access the items in Fabric. Microsoft is also planning to allow Microsoft Purview Enterprise customers to view broader metadata by scanning Fabric items, enhancing user capabilities for data discovery and governance.

Several Fabric items will be available in Microsoft Purview during the public preview. These items cover a wide range of experiences from Real-Time Analytics to Data Engineering and Power BI. For instance, in Real-Time Analytics experience, items like KQL Database and KQL Queryset are included. In the Data Science category, users can find Experiments and ML Models, while Data Factory brings Data Pipelines and Dataflows, and so forth.

Microsoft encourages users to get started with Microsoft Purview by creating an account and exploring its features, such as the live view. The blog post suggests that these developments are focused on providing better data governance and analysis capabilities by leveraging Microsoft Purview and Fabric features.

Introducing Microsoft Fabric Items in Microsoft Purview Public Preview

Microsoft Fabric, combined with Microsoft Purview, allows users to store, analyze, and govern data efficiently. These integrated services provide data security and compliance capabilities. Fabric items are now part of the Microsoft Purview Data Map, automatically attached to each instance of the platform.

The Purview Hub, which is currently in public preview, centralizes these capabilities. It offers insights into item inventory, sensitive data, and endorsements. This facilitates easy access to valuable data management tools for organizations.

Microsoft Fabric, akin to Microsoft Azure, acts as a new resource within Microsoft Purview. Users, based upon their permissions in Fabric, can explore workspaces and items directly from the Microsoft Purview Data Catalog's main page. This access is automatically granted with each instance of Fabric.

All items within a workspace are sorted based on the type and experience they are associated with. Users can examine details, like retrieval time, of these items within the asset detail view. Moreover, you can directly open items in Fabric with a simple click.

The upcoming feature for Microsoft Purview Enterprise will allow broader metadata access by scanning Microsoft Fabric items. Scanning logs metadata into the Purview data map, subject to Microsoft Purview's access controls. This helps in providing metadata access to users for data discovery or governance purposes, even without read permissions on the data source.

The public preview release will include several Fabric items in Microsoft Purview. Some of these encompass Real-Time Analytics like KQL Databases and Data Science resources like ML Models and Data Engineering tools such as Lakehouses and Spark Job Definitions. There are also comprehensive resources for Data Warehousing and Power BI, including dashboards, datasets, and reports, with some only being available post-scanning.

To leverage these features, one can set up a Microsoft Purview account today. There's additional documentation and resources provided for diving deeper into the services offered.

Overview of Microsoft Data Management

Microsoft's ongoing commitment to robust data management is showcased in the integration of key services such as Microsoft Purview and similar platforms. They aim to streamline the entire data lifecycle from collection to analytics, enhancing governance and compliance along the way. These advancements reflect the ever-evolving data landscape and Microsoft's role in shaping efficient, secure, and compliant data ecosystems suited for the diverse needs of modern businesses. Ami Diamond [MVP], a recognized expert in the field, endorses these solutions, underscoring their significance and utility in the industry.

Understanding Microsoft Fabric and Purview Integration

Microsoft Fabric and Microsoft Purview offer a comprehensive solution to handle data across organizations effectively. By combining data governance and compliance features of Purview with the storage and analytical capabilities of Fabric, Microsoft aims to streamline data-related workflows. The automatic attachment of Purview's Data Map to Fabric instances emphasizes the commitment to ease of use and efficiency. The Purview Hub as a centralized access point further highlights this integration, giving users a simplified yet powerful tool for accessing their data and compliance resources. As Fabric items become a new source within Purview, the approach to data management becomes increasingly unified, with promises of enhanced future features like broader metadata access suggesting ongoing improvement and refinement in data handling offerings from Microsoft.


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Microsoft Fabric - Microsoft Purview Unveils New Fabric Features Preview



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