March 2024 PowerBI Copilot Enhancements Unveiled
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Mar 18, 2024 10:45 PM

March 2024 PowerBI Copilot Enhancements Unveiled

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March 2024: Discover PowerBI Copilots latest updates: App support, enhanced EU data privacy, and billing insights!

Key insights




  • Copilot for consumers now integrates with Apps, allowing users to ask questions and gain insights directly in the Copilot Pane within their favorite Power BI Apps.
  • Improvements in Copilot Geography support ensure data does not leave the EU data boundary for users in Premium or Fabric capacity, enhancing data security.
  • Usage and billing for Copilot is now available, with premium capacity being billed for all Copilot usage starting from March 1st.
  • Abuse monitoring updates are underway for Copilot, moving towards a system that monitors prompts live for abuse, eliminating the need to store data for this purpose and increasing privacy.
  • Engagement and community feedback are emphasized with encouragements for users to send feedback and vote for features they wish to see in Power BI, including opportunities to leave app reviews.

Revolutionizing Data Analysis with PowerBI Copilot

In the fast-evolving world of data analytics, Microsoft's PowerBI Copilot stands out in March 2024 with noteworthy enhancements designed to empower users in unique and powerful ways. PowerBI Copilot, Microsoft's innovative tool, now extends support to seamlessly integrate with Apps. This significant update opens new avenues for consumers by enabling them to ask questions and derive insightful analytics directly within their preferred Power BI Apps. Notably, efforts to ensure data security have been bolstered, with specific updates ensuring that data for users in the EU remains within the EU data boundary, addressing previous concerns and bugs.


Additionally, the introduction of usage and billing details for Copilot use marks a transparent approach towards managing premium capacity. On another front, Microsoft is proactive in addressing abuse through an improved monitoring system, enhancing user trust and compliance, especially in tightly regulated industries. Moreover, Microsoft continues to stress the importance of community engagement and feedback, encouraging users to contribute their insights and preferences to shape future updates. This commitment to innovation, security, and community engagement positions PowerBI's Copilot as a pioneering tool in the realm of data analytics, promising a more interactive, secure, and user-driven future.


Updates to Copilot Geography support have been implemented based on community feedback. Microsoft has improved the logic behind enabling Copilot, ensuring data does not leave the EU data boundary. Users in the EU using a Premium or Fabric capacity no longer need to enable the cross-geo tenant switch in the admin portal to use Copilot.

Usage and Billing is now available in Copilot since March 1st. Premium capacity will now be billed against all Copilot usage. Furthermore, Microsoft is improving the way it enforces Abuse monitoring for Copilot. A new system will monitor prompts live for abuse monitoring, and no data will be stored.

Next Steps:

  • Copilot for consumers in reports
  • Narratives with Copilot
  • Generate measure descriptions with Copilot
  • Copilot for report authors
  • Suggested synonyms with Copilot

Please continue sending us your feedback and don't forget to vote for other features you would like to see in this tool. Microsoft looks forward to hearing from you!


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