Boost Your M365: Latest SharePoint & Planner Upgrades!
Microsoft Ignite 2023
Nov 28, 2023 8:00 PM

Boost Your M365: Latest SharePoint & Planner Upgrades!

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Microsoft Ignite 2023Learning Selection

Maximize M365: Ignite 2023 Reveals Essential SharePoint & Planner Enhancements!

NEW Upgrades to SharePoint and Planner - Do you need M365 add-ons? At Ignite 2023 some new upgrades or add-ons to our base Microsoft 365 licenses were announced. This adds to a growing stable of potential add-ons for the core Microsoft 365 apps to turn your subscription from basic to premium - but is this really what these extra cost items achieve?

Let's look at the history of cloud-based licensing, why it's great value, and why you probably don't need to turn everything in your subscription up to premium unless you have some very specific needs.

  • Introduction
  • Licensing in the age of the cloud
  • Is Microsoft's SaaS licensing good value?
  • SharePoint Premium
  • New Planner
  • Other add-on licenses
  • Considerations for IT leaders
  • The issue with these upgrades
  • Why so many in-product ads, Microsoft?
  • How to plan for upgraded licenses

Understanding SharePoint Online and Planner Enhancements

With the recent Ignite 2023 event, new features for SharePoint Online and Planner were revealed. These enhancements are aimed at increasing productivity and collaboration within the Microsoft 365 ecosystem. They present choices for businesses to extend their current Microsoft 365 plans into more advanced configurations, catering to niche business requirements.

The current trend shows a shift towards specialized licenses to provide more granular capabilities. However, for most organizations, the base Microsoft 365 offerings provide sufficient tools for their operations. Decision-makers are encouraged to evaluate the necessity versus the allure of additional features.

SharePoint Online continues to evolve as a hub for team collaboration and content management. As for Planner, it strengthens its role in streamlined task management and planning. IT leaders must carefully assess their organization’s needs before investing in these new updates to ensure they align with their strategic goals.

SharePoint Online - Boost Your M365: Latest SharePoint & Planner Upgrades!

Learn about NEW Upgrades to SharePoint and Planner - Do you need M365 add-ons?

New Features in SharePoint and Microsoft Planner

At Ignite 2023, some new upgrades were announced for Microsoft 365 licenses. Several potential add-ons have been introduced to enhance Microsoft's base subscriptions. These aim to evolve a basic subscription into a premium offering.

Exploring the evolution of cloud-based licensing reveals its value. However, many users may not need to upgrade to premium services. Only those with particular requirements might consider additional features.

The video breaks down the timeline and benefits of such licensing in detail. It poses the question of whether the premium is worth the extra cost. Understanding what these add-ons actually offer is crucial for subscribers.

Sections Highlighted in the Video

  • Introduction to new upgrades
  • The evolution of cloud-based software licensing
  • Assessing the value of SaaS-based licensing models
  • Detailed look at SharePoint Online's premium features
  • Overview of the new features in Planner
  • Discussion of other add-on licenses
  • Strategic considerations for IT leaders
  • Critical analysis of upgrade merits
  • Discussion on in-product advertising
  • Planning and decision-making for license upgrades

The video also questions the necessity of in-product advertisements. Furthermore, the presenter offers strategies on planning for license upgrades. The video serves as a guide for IT leaders to make informed decisions.

Understanding SharePoint Online and Planner Enhancements

SharePoint Online's new features are designed to enhance collaboration and efficiency within the workspace. The Planning tool has also received upgrades, aimed at improving task management and project tracking capabilities. These tools are integral to many businesses, driving their digital transformation and fostering a more connected and productive environment.

However, the question arises whether these add-ons are necessary, or if they just represent an additional expense with marginal benefit. It's important for organizations to assess their specific requirements before opting for these enhancements. Careful consideration can prevent unnecessary expenditures while ensuring the essential tools are in place for business operations.

This analysis is particularly important for SharePoint Online and other Microsoft 365 applications. Understanding the full scope of these applications and their add-ons can be the key to unlocking their potential without overspending. The presenter in the video emphasizes the importance of strategic planning and the value offered by Microsoft's software-as-a-service (SaaS) licensing.

As SharePoint Online continues to grow and introduce new features, it remains a critical asset for those invested in Microsoft's ecosystem. The integration of Planner with SharePoint Online presents new opportunities for managing workflows and projects seamlessly. Ultimately, the decision to upgrade should be guided by an organization's individual needs and strategic goals.

Now, beyond the specifics of the YouTube video, SharePoint Online is a widely used web-based collaborative platform part of the Microsoft 365 suite. It's designed to help organizations share, manage, and access information across a common space. SharePoint Online is often favored for its integrations with other Microsoft services, providing a seamless user experience and facilitating productivity. Modern workforce demands have made tools like SharePoint Online more essential, as they support remote work, provide secure data storage, and allow for real-time collaboration. Regular updates and new features are hallmarks of the platform, showcasing Microsoft’s commitment to evolving user needs. These updates often focus on enhancing usability, security, and functionality. When considering add-ons or upgrades to such platforms, businesses must weigh potential benefits against cost, ensuring they invest in features that offer tangible value. While advanced capabilities may be alluring, the basics often suffice for most operations. Remember to follow best practices when incorporating these tools, ensuring that your organization remains efficient, collaborative, and secure in its digital workspace.

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