Microsoft Stream Interactive Features Update - 365 Message Show 310
Nov 17, 2023 6:00 AM

Microsoft Stream Interactive Features Update - 365 Message Show 310

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Maximize engagement in your Microsoft Stream videos with interactive features such as surveys, polls, and quizzes, and guide users with hyperlinks and text.

Enhance viewer engagement with Microsoft Stream through its interactive features. Users can now incorporate surveys, polls, and quizzes into their videos at specific points to interact with their audience. This feature is a powerful tool for increasing interaction in various video-driven initiatives like webinars and training sessions.

  1. 0:00 Intro
  2. 5:25 Microsoft Stream: Add a survey, poll, or quiz to a video at specific times
  3. - MC688632
  4. 9:03 Microsoft Stream: Add a hyperlink or text callout to a video at specific
  5. times - MC688631
  6. 11:05 Co-organizer experience updates in Teams Webinars and Townhalls - MC688109
  7. 14:01 Virtual Events – Green Room License - MC688639
  8. 17:18 FindTime add-in is being removed and replaced with Scheduling Poll as a
  9. native feature - MC688929
  10. 22:06 Microsoft Teams Who bot to be retired - MC687849

The "365 Message Center Show" episode 310 discussed new ways to enrich Microsoft Stream videos. Features like clickable hyperlinks and textual annotations provide audiences with resources and information without interrupting the viewing experience. This addition is beneficial for supporting webinar content or offering additional context in educational materials.

Updates to the co-organizer experience in Teams Webinars and Townhalls were highlighted, suggesting improvements in event management and participant interaction. The episode also introduced the Green Room License for Virtual Events, hinting at enhanced pre-event preparation for hosts and presenters.

In other updates, Microsoft is streamlining the scheduling process by replacing the FindTime add-in with a native Scheduling Poll feature. Additionally, the impending retirement of the Microsoft Teams Who bot was announced, indicating a pivot in Microsoft's approach to in-app assistance and automation.

The "365 Message Center Show" dedicated time to summarize these updates at intervals throughout their video. Starting with an introduction at 0:00, the presentation progressed to cover Stream's engagement features at 5:25 and 9:03, next discussing Teams updates at 11:05, and insights on virtual event planning tools at 14:01. The shift from FindTime to Scheduling Poll was examined at 17:18, followed by a note on the Teams Who bot at 22:06, before wrapping up the session.

More on Microsoft Stream's Interactivity

Microsoft Stream has enhanced its platform to create a more interactive experience for viewers. Features like in-video surveys, polls, and quizzes can dramatically increase engagement, allowing creators to capture audience feedback and tailor content effectively. Typically utilized in educational and professional development videos, these interactive elements can help transform passive viewing into an engaging learning experience.

Leveraging these features is particularly useful in corporate environments for training and communication purposes. The ability to guide viewers to additional resources through hyperlinks and on-screen text annotations further enriches the platform. With such advancements, Microsoft Stream continues to evolve as a robust tool for video content creation and dissemination within the Microsoft Office ecosystem.

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