How to - Make a Flow Chart Power App
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Jul 4, 2023 10:00 AM

How to - Make a Flow Chart Power App

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When making Power Apps we are often only as good as the components we have, and although Microsoft is doing a great job at rolling out new ones

When making Power Apps, we are often limited by the components available. Microsoft is continually rolling out new ones, but Component Framework allows users to create custom components. However, there are some drawbacks to this approach:

  • It isn't LowCode (professional developers required)
  • Requires enablement in environment (potential security risks)
  • Requires premium license for users

Fortunately, with some creativity and use of APIs, we can create a custom component-like experience without these issues. In this demo, we will create a Flow diagram tool (like Visio) leveraging a free API called QuickChart.

Utilizing QuickChart API for Flow Diagrams in Power Apps

QuickChart API offers a solution for creating custom Flow diagram tools in Power Apps that does not require premium connectors or professional developers. By unloading the complexity to outside of the app, users can enjoy a seamless and efficient experience. This low-code approach allows for more accessibility and flexibility when designing and building Power Apps to suit various needs and requirements.

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Making Power Apps is all about having the right components and making the most of the ones provided by Microsoft. However, the Component Framework [] offers custom components but comes with drawbacks such as the requirement for professional developers and premium licenses. Therefore, it is possible to create a custom component experience without any of these issues by taking advantage of APIs. In this demo, a Flow diagram tool like Visio will be created using the free QuickChart API []. This is not a premium connector as the API returns images which are then used as part of the Power App.

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How to - Make a Flow Chart Power App
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