Guide to Configuring Viva Connections Dashboard
Viva Connections
Oct 11, 2023 5:00 PM

Guide to Configuring Viva Connections Dashboard

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Discover how to configure your Viva Connections Dashboard for a personalized SharePoint, Teams, and Mobile experience with our expert tutorial.

In a recently released YouTube video, SharePoint Maven Inc explains the process of setting up a Viva Connections Dashboard for organizations already using Viva Connections. This configuration provides a unique and user-specific experience on platforms like SharePoint, Teams, and Mobile.

In order to have a comprehensive understanding of this subject, you can visit our informative section on our website, titled "How to Set Up a Viva Connections Dashboard". This is crucial for individuals or organizations looking to optimize their utilization of the Viva platform across various applications.

For those searching for more advanced guidance, SharePoint Maven Inc offers a collection of online courses available through its educational series. Here, users can delve deeper into learning about the functionalities of SharePoint and Viva.

Assistance beyond the resources mentioned is also provided. SharePoint Maven Inc has offerings including live training, system configuration, and hourly consultation.



Viva Connection: An Inclusive Knowledge Sharing Platform

Viva, by SharePoint Maven Inc, has emerged as a leading tool for intra-organizational knowledge sharing and collaboration. Its user-friendly interface seamlessly integrates with SharePoint, Teams, and Mobile Applications to provide a personalized experience.

Its precise configuration enables organizations to customize their engagement with it. The flexibility allows for an optimized utilization tailored to an organization's specific needs. Viva helps in nurturing communication, promoting inclusivity, and fostering coordination, thereby making collaboration more efficient and impactful.

Viva’s Dashboard, a key feature of the service, is customizable. It gives organizations control over the presentation of information, ensuring content is directly relevant to the users. Thus, leading to effective knowledge sharing and collaborative experiences.

For optimizing the Viva platform, SharePoint Maven Inc offers courses for deeper understanding and expertise. Their educational resources, consultation services and live trainings are designed to help users maximize the system's potentials for their specific needs. So, bringing together an inclusive and customizable platform, with readily available assistance and resource materials, Viva offers an integrated experience for efficient work collaborations.

For further information on setting up and customizing the Viva connection dashboard, click here.


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Learn about How to configure Viva Connections Dashboard

With the advent of technology which embraces collaboration and productivity, a tool like Viva Connections Dashboard becomes vital. This platform, once configured onto a network, can significantly enhance the personalized experience in SharePoint, Teams, and mobile interfaces, with a feature-rich dashboard. In subsequent paragraphs, we dig deep into the essentials of setting up and maximizing the dashboard for best results.

One can find a comprehensive guide on setting up the dashboard by navigating to the SharePoint Maven blog via the link: This platform offers a wealth of knowledge on the subject and other related topics, thus, fulfilling the need of a one-stop solution for beginners and advanced users alike. It presents an impeccable guide on configuring the Viva Connections Dashboard for your organization and modifying it to suit the needs and preferences of each user.

For those seeking even further insights into SharePoint and related technologies, SharePoint Maven Academy offers a range of online courses which are known for their in-depth and comprehensive coverage of topics. These courses can be accessed at The popularity and effectiveness of these courses is evident from the testimonials of users who have benefitted from these resources to level up their skills and understanding of the platform.

Undoubtedly, every learning curve might entail ambiguous or challenging phases. However, you can always refer back to the mother-site, the SharePoint Maven blog ( for any help. This platform offers consulting, configuration services, and live training. Learners can leverage these resources for gaining holistic understanding, troubleshooting issues, or even seeking expert advice. The services are reportable and thus, it is a trustworthy source.

Undeniably, assimilating new technology or platform could seem daunting initially, but guidance makes it smoother. Thus, platforms like SharePoint Maven prove instrumental. However, the route to mastering such an interface demands consistent learning, practicing and troubleshooting. Be it online courses, blogs, or professional guidance, always choose resources wisely. Remember, the path to becoming proficient in configuring dashboards in collaboration tools is paved with an unending learning spirit.

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  • Advanced courses at
  • Consultation, configuration, and live training at


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