Power BI Datamart: Detailed Guide on New Features
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Sep 28, 2023 7:24 AM

Power BI Datamart: Detailed Guide on New Features

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Explore the exciting new features of Power BI Datamart, including default dataset management, visualization capability, and keyboard shortcuts for efficient wor

Latest Enhancements to Microsoft's Power BI Datamarts & Notable Features

In May 2022, Power BI premiered Datamarts in its Public Preview. It offered self-service users a unified, web-based solution that provided robust SQL and unified analytics, promoting secure handling, and analysis of their data. This article summarizes the refined features launched in February 2023.

The primary enhancements this month include management of default dataset, ability to visualize results, provision of keyboard shortcuts, integration with Azure Data Studio, and an update to header sensitivity labels.

The offered solution always needs a dataset before the reports' composition. The addition of default dataset management provides efficiency in reporting, enabling users to add, remove tables, and add semantic modeling properties. The ease extends to the option of auto-detection, which identifies and adds tables automatically, with no intervention required.

The "Visualize results" feature is a fantastic addition. It enables seamless query results analysis through visual representation, created by a transient Power BI model, made on-the-fly.

On the navigation front, Keyboard shortcuts expedite efficiency and improve user experience within the SQL query editor.

Integration with Azure Data Studio is an essential update for users with SQL expertise, providing them a familiar environment for query handling. The context menu now carries the functionality to join your datamart with Azure Data Studio. If you have already installed the application, all you need to do is to click "connect."

In addition, Datamart's header now offers sensitivity label application, allowing you to assign a sensitivity label without leaving the editor. Apart from being able to rename the datamart and navigate to the workspace, users can now apply sensitivity labels to the datamart as well, offering another layer of customization.

The continuous refinement of Power BI is an illustration of Microsoft's commitment to creating efficient, secure, and user-friendly platforms for data management and analytics. These updates are based on the feedback received, streamlining data analytics and making it more accessible for users.

A Closer Look at Power BI Datamarts

Power BI Datamarts are a powerful data analytics tool developed by Microsoft, designed to aid individuals and businesses in harnessing their data effectively. This self-service business intelligence cloud service delivers an interactive approach, enabling users to create reports and dashboards by themselves, without the need for professional assistance. It's a resourceful instrument that creates a data-driven culture within an organization, enabling everyone to make informed decisions. With its consistent updates and enhancements, it continues to evolve as a leading tool in the realm of data visualization in the market.

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Power BI - Power BI Datamart 2023: Detailed Guide on New Features

Learn about February 2023 Power BI Datamart: Comprehensive Guide to New Features

Welcome to the comprehensive guide dissecting the newest features in the Datamarts realm, specifically rolled out in February 2023. This novelty was unveiled in May 2022 and is accessible in the public preview of Premium and Premium Per User models. The innovative Datamarts enable users to undertake data collection, storage, analysis, and sharing in a simplified, integrated and secure solution. Drawing on SQL and combined analytics, users can explore these possibilities in an interactive and accessible platform.

What then are these exciting features shipped over the month of February 2023? The array of main features include a default dataset management option, visualization end-results, practical keyboard shortcuts, and opening with Azure Data Studio and improvements in the header. Therefore, this blog aims to bring these features into clearer focus while answering all curious questions regarding the topic.

In the realm of Datamarts, a dataset is fundamental for report creation. Therefore, with default dataset management, the user is allowed swift reporting capabilities grounded in the datamart. The feature allows users to either add or remove tables from the default dataset, automatically or manually. Additionally, the possibility of defining additional semantic modeling properties like hierarchies and descriptions is offered. These characteristics find application in the formation of the commercial intelligence dataset’s tables.

  • The visualization end-results enhancement is a significant highlight you should not miss. Users can comfortably explore and analyze data using visuals built on query results, accessible within the visual and SQL query editor. Our system silently constructs a temporal commercial intelligence model, allowing instant visualization of query results.
  • Keyboard shortcuts introduced foster increased efficiency in navigating the SQL query editor. For convenience, a table listing all the shortcuts in the SQL query editor is provided.
  • The 'Open with Azure Data Studio' feature is an incentive for developers and SQL-experienced analysts. It allows easier navigation in the querying environment, simplifying the opening of the datamart with Azure Data Studio.
  • Lastly, header updates were executed, enabling setting of a sensitivity label without deviating from the editor. Other functionalities include datamart renaming, workspace name retrieval, workspace navigation, and sensitivity label application to the datamart.

That covers all the feature updates made in February 2023 for the Datamarts. We, as always, appreciate your feedback and encourage you to vote for more features through Ideas. Your votes and suggestions guide our next constructions and improvements. Happy exploring!

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