Power BI Features Update & Enhancements: February 2023 Summary
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Sep 26, 2023 4:34 PM

Power BI Features Update & Enhancements: February 2023 Summary

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Stay up-to-date with the latest developments in Microsoft Power BI with the February 2023 update, including TypeScript support, new formatting features and more

Power BI February 2023 Update Summary

Microsoft presents the Power BI updates for February 2023 extending features that include TypeScript support, crucial formatting for reports and more. The blog post discusses updates across seven modules listed below:

  • Reporting
  • Analytics Quick Create SDK
  • Modeling with new DAX functions
  • Data Connectivity with session updates
  • Service with a new 'Get Data' experience
  • Paginated Reports with updates on capacity planning and report creation
  • Third-party visualizations

Among these, a standout update is the conditional formatting based on string fields that many users requested. It is an advanced feature that permits the formation of formatting rules based on strings. Therefore, making it a powerful tool for conditional formatting.

Special attention is directed towards enhancing user accessibility. The Smart Narrative visual summary icon was added for this cause. It triggers an on-demand summary of the visual contents. Another notable update is the image dimension control in tables and matrices.

Further modifications include an effortless way to update your current theme in Power BI. Also, validations on theme files during import are now available. Along with this, support for indentation in your text box visuals and ability to decide which report pages are visible within the Page navigator visual has been introduced.

Regarding secure data export, Microsoft Purview Information Protection now supports the Power BI Desktop in exporting sensitivity labels to PDF. This feature ensures that sensitive data remains safe even after leaving Power BI.

Moreover, row-level security roles and filters can now be defined more quickly without needing to write any DAX. This innovation provides flexibility with both a default drop-down editor and a DAX editor.

The February update introduces two statistical DAX functions, LINEST and LINESTX, that perform linear regression to calculate a straight line that best fits the data and returns a table describing the line. These functions can be primarily used to predict Y values based on known X values.

Microsoft has also improved the data connectivity features with updates in connectors like Denoda, Digital Construction Works Insights, Profisee, and Cosmos DB V2.

The 'Get Data' feature in the Power BI Service now provides comparable features available within workspaces. The new version is easier to navigate and provides more connectivity options, thus providing users a seamless data uploading and management experience.

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General Review of Power BI

Power BI is a revered business intelligence tool that grants companies interactive visualizations and business intelligence through the simple interface, just like standard Excel spreadsheets. It fetches crucial business data and develops an automatic report, chart or dashboard. Sophisticated data services are easily connected and integrated, making it a preference for many corporations.

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Power BI - Power BI Features Update & Enhancements: February 2023 Summary

Learn about Features Summary of Power BI: February 2023 Updates and Enhancements

Welcome to this comprehensive guide on the new Updates and Enhancements on Power BI in February 2023. In this article, we are going to discuss the latest features, updates, and enhancements that were rolled out this month. We've simplified the language for better understanding and optimal SEO ratings.


  • The developer playground now supports TypeScript.
  • There are several new formatting features for reporting.
  • A new addition is the Quick Create SDK


  • The two new DAX functions, LINEST and LINESTX, are a welcome addition.
  • These two functions perform linear regression and calculate a straight line that best fits the given data.


  • The Data Connectivity feature has been updated with Denodo (Connector Update), Digital Construction Works Insights (Connector Update), Profisee (Connector Update), and Cosmos DB V2 (Connector Update).


  • A new ‘Get Data’ experience in the Power BI Service Compact view.
  • There are new linked metrics.


  • The Paginated Reports Formatted Table authoring experience sees major enhancements.
  • There are new features for creating a Paginated Report from a datamart.
  • The feature for Capacity Planning for Paginated Reports has been improved for better performance.


  • TypeScript support in the playground developer sandbox is now available.


  • The Editor’s pick of the quarter includes new visuals in AppSource.
  • The multiple Sparklines inforiver Charts 2.1 are now Microsoft Power BI certified.

In conclusion, Microsoft's Power BI's February 2023 update has a host of new and improved features. These features are user-friendly and are aimed at enhancing the overall user experience. Whether it's reporting, modeling, data connectivity, service updates, or Visualization tools, Power BI's aim is to make data more accessible and easier to interpret. If you're a user of this platform, it is beneficial to keep yourself updated with these new features.

For anyone looking to learn more about Power BI and its recently rolled out features, there are numerous online courses and forums where you can interact with professionals and experts in the field. Microsoft also offers several courses that range from beginner to advanced levels to cater to everyone's learning needs.

Remember, knowledge is power, and in this case, it's Power BI!

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