Fabric Monthly Update - March 2024
Microsoft Fabric
Mar 26, 2024 10:00 PM

Fabric Monthly Update - March 2024

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March 2024 Fabric Update: Master AI analytics with new features & free Microsoft certification!

Key insights


  • Microsoft Fabric announced Exam DP-600 for becoming a Microsoft Certified: Fabric Analytics Engineer Associate.
  • Autotune Query Tuning leverages historical data to auto-tune configurations for Apache Spark, ensuring faster query execution and efficiency.
  • OneLake File Explorer now allows editing files directly via Excel, enhancing the user experience for managing and editing data files.
  • The introduction of Job Queueing for Notebook Jobs on Microsoft Fabric eliminates manual retries, automating the process when capacity frees up.
  • Fabric Runtime 1.3 offers early access to the latest Apache Spark 3.5 and Delta Lake 3.0 OSS features, optimizing data engineering and science workflows.

Exploring Microsoft Fabric's Evolution and Features

Microsoft Fabric represents a significant leap in the realm of data management and analytics, offering professionals and organizations an advanced, unified platform for data exploration, engineering, and insights. With the introduction of the DP-600 exam, professionals can now gain accreditation as Fabric Analytics Engineer Associates, bolstering their skills in leveraging Microsoft Fabric's powerful analytics capabilities.

Noteworthy features such as Autotune Query Tuning and Job Queueing for Notebook Jobs are game-changers in optimizing query executions and streamlining data processing tasks. These innovations ensure that data practices are not only efficient but also aligned with the demands of modern data-intensive applications. Additionally, the ease of editing files through Excel via OneLake File Explorer demonstrates Microsoft's commitment to enhancing usability and efficiency across its ecosystem.




Fabric Monthly Update - March 2024 introduces several remarkable features including OneLake File Explorer and Autotune Query Tuning, amongst other enhancements aimed at improving user experience across its platforms.

Notably, the Microsoft Certified: Fabric Analytics Engineer Associate certification is now available. This certification is centered around Microsoft Fabric’s analytics platform, which leverages the familiar Power BI experience, facilitating an easier transition for users.

To aid users in quickly mastering Fabric and earning their certification, Microsoft has launched the Fabric Career Hub. This hub offers a plethora of training resources, including on-demand and live sessions, exam crams, and practice tests. A unique opportunity for users to earn a free certification exam is also available through the Fabric AI Skills Challenge, albeit on a first-come, first-served basis.

Highlights from the March 2024 update include improvements to the Visual calculations update (preview), enhanced on-object interaction updates, and a new feature for creating mobile layout automatically in preview.

In the modeling domain, users can now write DAX queries with Copilot in preview and enjoy an enhanced row-level security editor. Additionally, selection expressions for calculation groups have been introduced in preview, offering better error handling and default behavior options like automatic currency conversion.

On the service side, updates enable editing of data models directly in the Power BI service and the introduction of several new features like Undo/Redo, Clear all, and New filter cards in Explore. Moreover, delivering report subscriptions to OneDrive SharePoint is now in preview.




People also ask

Is Microsoft fabric in general availability?

Microsoft Fabric has been officially released to the public and is designed to revolutionize collaborative work by centralizing teams on a unified, AI-enhanced platform suitable for the current AI-focused landscape.

When did Microsoft fabric go live?

Microsoft introduced Fabric during the latest iteration of Microsoft Build held on May 23, 2023. Following its announcement, it was made available for general purchase at the Ignite conference on November 15, 2023.

Is there a desktop version of Microsoft fabric?

The desktop application for Microsoft Fabric is accessible via WebCatalog Desktop across Mac, Windows, and Linux. This application allows for a focused working environment with numerous enhancements, facilitating easy management and toggling between various accounts and apps without the need to alternate browsers, ultimately advancing your data into the AI era.

What is fabric Microsoft?

Microsoft Fabric serves as a comprehensive analytics platform tailored for enterprise needs, encompassing a wide range of services from data movement, data science, and real-time analytics to business intelligence. It integrates multiple functions such as data lakes, data engineering, and data integration into a single, coherent offering.



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