Boost Chatbot Efficiency - Power CAT Live with Copilot
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Boost Chatbot Efficiency - Power CAT Live with Copilot

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Unleash the power of Power Virtual Agents: Elevate your chatbot with AI, Boost, and Copilot, powered by Microsofts cutting-edge technology.

Improving Chatbot Efficiency Using Boost and Copilot

The blog post by Microsoft lays emphasis on enhancing the effectiveness of your chatbot in partnership with Boost and Copilot through the Power Virtual Agents platform. Offering generative answers, your bot can extract and present data from numerous sources without needing to develop topics manually. It can be employed as a primary data source for your AI conversational aid or a fallback plan when generated topics fail to answer a user’s query.

A new inclusion to this process is the use of Natural Language Processing (NLP). Bing Chat Enterprise uses NLP to decode user input, collate pertinent details from different resources (like your corporate website or SharePoint and OneDrive for Business), and summarize these results into comprehendible language for the user. Once enabled, it saves a significantly long time.

The post further explains about the fallback system of generative answers. The bot searches for related topics correlating with the user’s intent. If none are found, generative answers step in to resolve the query. The bot can utilize additional external or internal web sources and knowledge sources, such as SharePoint or OneDrive for Business, and successfully address the user's query.

  • Bing Search
  • Bing Custom Search
  • SharePoint
  • OneDrive for Business
  • Documents uploaded to Dataverse
  • Custom data

However, for using these resources, the blog post implies that you might need to consider studying the source authentication.

Get Started with Generative Answers

The article provides details on how to increase your bot's reach by going through Power Virtual Agents home page and creating a bot. Considering content moderation in bot settings, a higher level of moderation means relevant answers, whereas a lower level might give rise to irrelevant or undesirable answers.

There are constraints on URL use for generating responses. It can have up to two depth levels, or subpaths. Also, the bot can't generate responses from a URL that redirects to another top-level site. It might generate irrelevant answers if you use a forum or social network site as your URL. It's important to note that the bot's responses are generated from the content under the specified URL, including the subdomains under a top-level domain.

Moreover, the blog discusses some limitations and considerations while trying to take advantage of the generative answers capability. For instance, it lists queries that may produce less-helpful responses and explains that the bot might have difficulty answering questions that require calculations, comparisons, or form submissions.

Chatbot Optimization and Pricing

The author notes that there are quotas that limit how often messages can be sent to the chatbot. The idea here is to manage the client's service load and to ensure the service isn't overwhelmed by too many requests. The use of the boosted conversations capability isn't billable and adheres to the usual quotas and limitations. Users can provide feedback on the tool's functionality using a simple thumbs up or thumbs down rating system.

The author ends by encouraging users to explore Copilot, a tool that simplifies chatbot creation and enables users to create natural-sounding message variations with the help of AI. Resources for learning more about this are provided at the end of the article.

Takeaways from the Post

Microsoft aims at improving chatbot effectiveness with Boost and Copilot on their Power Virtual Agents platform. The significance here is the use of natural language processing to gauge user intent and collate relevant information, making chatbots more efficient and user-friendly. URL considerations, source authentications, and content moderation must be accounted for when setting up generative answers, but once started, they save substantial time. While there are some constraints related to client service load, the use of boosted conversations capability isn't billable.

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Bing Chat Enterprise - Boost Chatbot Efficiency - Power CAT Live with Copilot

Learn about Enhance Chatbot Efficiency with Boost and Copilot - Power CAT Live Series

Chatbots are becoming more sophisticated and useful, and Microsoft's tools are no exception. One key development area is enabling chatbots to provide generative answers, that is, the ability to find and present data from various sources without needing topic creation.

Bing Chat Enterprise, for instance, employs AI capabilities such as generative answers to augment a bot's efficiency. This functionality can act as a primary information source or as a fallback in cases where authored topics are unable to answer user queries. Consequently, developers can quickly establish and deploy a practical bot without having to manually author numerous topics, which may not address customer queries.

Historically, If a chatbot failed to determine a user's intent, it would prompt the user to rephrase their question. If, after two tries, it still couldn't decipher the user's intent, it would escalate to a live agent via the Escalate topic system. However, the use of natural language processing (NLP) now enables the bot to parse what a user types to ascertain their queries. From there, it can locate, collate, and parse relevant data from specified sources, including SharePoint and OneDrive for Business. It will then present these findings in an easily understood manner to the user.

But of course, for the bot to work effectively, there are steps to follow. First, a bot is created and enabled with the generative answers capability and tested thoroughly. After the testing phase, the bot is published and ready to provide real-time answers, guidance, and assistance to customers. Developers can then formulate individual topics based on the commonly asked questions from customers, improving the overall efficiency of chatbot communication.

Notably, enabling a chatbot with generative answers does require some expertise, but provides immediate operational functionality. When a user sends an input to a chatbot, the bot first looks for topics matching the user's intent. If it doesn't find any, generative answers step in. This feature isn't limited to being just a fallback mechanism - it can also utilize other websites and sources like SharePoint or OneDrive for Business to answer user queries more thoroughly.

In sum, generative answers given by tools such as Boost and Copilot are instrumental in providing better user experience and giving faster and more precise responses to the customer's queries. It's not just about the 'talk' anymore, but how well and quick the 'talk' could be. As these tools evolve, we will see improvements in the way customers interact and communicate with AI-powered chatbots in businesses and enterprises.

  • Check out services such as SharePoint and OneDrive for Business
  • Examine the Power Virtual Agents platform
  • Consider taking a course on natural language processing (NLP)

There are, however, prerequisites in using these tools. For example, your bot must be created in the US region, and English is currently the only supported language. Another important consideration is the bot's reach. This is determined by the instructions on how to increase it as well as specifying a URL that represents the scope of content for generating responses. Further, you need to test your bot's generative answers reach to see its capabilities to different questions. The bot's performance will determine whether you will use it as an investment tool for engaging with customers and potential clientele.

Microsoft also includes a feedback system to evaluate the AI. If you receive an inaccurate or inappropriate response from the bot, you can indicate it with a thumbs down sign and provide elaborate feedback. This data is then gathered for further improvement in the quality of the AI. In addition to these, quotas and pricing concerns are other factors when considering chatbot implementation. While generative answers are not subject to billing, they do follow quotas and limitations for standard conversations.

In conclusion, learning about chatbots and their features, such as generative answers, can make a big difference in providing refined user experiences. Chatbots are a significant investment for businesses and enterprises, enabling efficient customer interaction that drives business value. The continuous development and refinement of tools such as Copilot and Boost are crucial in promoting this positive change.

Explore learning resources:

  • Investigate resources on understanding these tools through online courses.
  • Read more about generative answers and other AI capabilities.
  • Sign up for the preview for Boost Conversations with internal websites:
  • Learn more at

Whether you are a developer, a business owner, or an interested learner, understanding the landscape of chatbots and AI capabilities investments is indispensable in staying ahead of the curve in the rapidly advancing field of AI and machine learning.

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