Power BI Dynamic Subscriptions - Optimize Reports
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Jan 17, 2024 3:00 PM

Power BI Dynamic Subscriptions - Optimize Reports

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Power BI Dynamic Recipient Subscriptions in Preview: Personalize Reports for Email Distribution!

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Dynamic per recipient subscriptions for Power BI reports are now in Preview, allowing the distribution of personalized copies of Power BI reports to individual email recipients.

The feature relies on a semantic model to map recipients to filter values, ensuring that each salesperson, for example, receives a report tailored to their individual sales results.

A capacity-backed Power BI report and build permissions to a semantic model are necessary to begin setting up dynamic per recipient subscriptions.

  • Starting the setup involves selecting the Dynamic per recipient subscription option and choosing an appropriate semantic model.
  • Users can dynamically set multiple parameters such as email addresses, subjects, filters, and attachment formats based on the data within the semantic model.
  • "Include my changes" option decides whether the initial state of the report includes current modifications or the default state, which is then supplemented with dynamic filters.
  • Further customization is available through the Dynamic filters section and the scheduling frequency of the subscriptions within the UI.
  • The final Review and finish page offers an opportunity to review and edit the subscription settings before saving.

However, there are limitations such as initial unique report copies capped at 50 and support only for single values in dynamic filters. The feature's roll-out may take up to two weeks depending on the region, and it is not available to Sovereign Clouds customers as it is still in Preview.

Microsoft is actively seeking feedback on this feature to facilitate improvements, accessible through comments or the provided ideation platform.


Explore the Advancements in Power BI Reporting

Microsoft's Power BI continues to push the boundaries of data visualization and business intelligence with its latest updates. The new dynamic subscriptions feature enhances report personalization and distribution, streamlining the way organizations share insights. By automating the report customization process, companies save valuable time and resources, while ensuring data relevance for each recipient. As these dynamic per recipient subscriptions emerge from their preview phase, the expectation is for Microsoft to expand and refine the offering based on user feedback. With a focus on expanding functionality and ease of use, Power BI steadily cements its position as an industry-leading tool for companies seeking to exploit their data landscapes more effectively.

Dynamic subscriptions for interactive reports are out in Preview! You can now send individualized report emails using these subscriptions. It's like sharing reports but each recipient gets their own tailored data.

Excitedly sharing, this new feature enhances personalized communication. You can filter the reports to showcase relevant insights making it greatly efficient for data dissemination.


Power BI - Power BI Dynamic Subscriptions - Optimize Reports



People also ask

How do I manage subscriptions in Power BI?

Managing subscriptions in Power BI can be done through the service's user interface. Users with appropriate permissions can navigate to the report or dashboard they want to create subscriptions for, click on the 'Subscribe' button, and then manage existing subscriptions. Administrators can manage all user subscriptions in the Power BI admin portal, where they can view and delete user subscriptions as necessary.

How do I schedule a subscription in Power BI?

To schedule a subscription in Power BI, the user should go to the desired report or dashboard, click on the 'Subscribe' button, and follow the prompts to configure the subscription settings. This includes setting the frequency, day, and time when the report or dashboard should be sent. After configuring these settings, the user saves the subscription to activate the automated scheduling.

How do I create a subscription report in Power BI?

Creating a subscription in Power BI is a straightforward process. A user can create a subscription report by navigating to the report they want to subscribe to, clicking on the 'Subscribe' option, and filling out the necessary details such as the email address to receive the report, the frequency of the report delivery, and any specific active page or filter settings they want to apply. Once saved, Power BI will automatically send the report according to the specified schedule.

Are Power BI reports dynamic?

Yes, Power BI reports are dynamic. They allow users to interact with the data by applying filters, slicing data, drilling through the details, and viewing data in different visualizations. When a Power BI report is part of a subscription, the report that gets sent out is a snapshot at the time the subscription is processed, reflecting the most current data at that time. However, the emailed report itself is static - to interact with the data dynamically, the recipient would need to access the report in Power BI itself.



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