PowerBI Report Subscriptions Now on OneDrive, SharePoint
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Apr 16, 2024 5:00 AM

PowerBI Report Subscriptions Now on OneDrive, SharePoint

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Streamline Report Sharing: PowerBI Enables Subscriptions to OneDrive & SharePoint - Learn How!

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  • Deliver Power BI and paginated report subscriptions directly to OneDrive or SharePoint, avoiding email attachment size limits whilst having a 250Mb file size limit.
  • Users with access can view reports on OneDrive/SharePoint, enabling historical report deliveries and change tracking.
  • Licensing requirements for attaching full reports to emails apply to OneDrive/SharePoint subscriptions.
  • Setting up a subscription involves selecting the report in Power BI service, choosing subscription type, format, delivery type, location, file name options, delivery frequency, and saving.
  • Support for PPU is anticipated, but currently, this feature is not available to Sovereign clouds, pending general availability.


About Power BI Reports in OneDrive and SharePoint

The integration of Power BI reports into OneDrive and SharePoint signifies a considerable advancement for users and organizations that rely heavily on Microsoft's ecosystem for business intelligence and collaboration. This feature simplifies the process of sharing, accessing, and managing reports. By delivering Power BI and paginated report subscriptions directly to OneDrive or SharePoint, stakeholders can now bypass the limitations associated with email attachments, including size restrictions. Furthermore, this method introduces a more streamlined way of keeping a historical record of report deliveries, making it easier to track changes over time.

One of the key benefits of this integration is its straightforward setup process. Users can quickly select a report, subscribe to it, and choose their preferred settings, such as delivery frequency and file format, all within the Power BI service. Additionally, this feature supports various formats for both Power BI and paginated reports, enhancing its flexibility and utility across different use cases.

While the anticipation for support for Premium Per User (PPU) and availability in Sovereign clouds is high, the current offering already marks a significant milestone in making report sharing more efficient and scalable. As this feature becomes broadly available and evolves, it is expected to become an indispensable tool for organizations looking to optimize their data management and collaboration workflows within the Microsoft ecosystem.



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Power BI - PowerBI Report Subscriptions Now on OneDrive, SharePoint


Exploring Subscription Delivery on OneDrive and SharePoint with Power BI

Power BI now enables users to deliver and subscribe to reports directly on OneDrive and SharePoint, elevating the way we access and share data. This fascinating feature allows the scheduling and sending of full report attachments to specified OneDrive or SharePoint locations, bypassing common email attachment size restrictions, although there is a 250Mb cap on attachment sizes. Anyone with access to these locations can view the reports, facilitating a collaborative environment where report deliveries can be kept as a history, thus making it easier to track changes over time.

Regarding licensing requirements for this service, they remain consistent with those needed to attach a full report to an email. Setting up a subscription is straightforward: navigate to a Power BI or paginated report within the Power BI service, choose to subscribe to the report, and follow the prompt to create a subscription. Users have the option to select between standard subscription types and choose from several report formats. For Power BI reports, the formats available are .pdf and .pptx, while paginated reports offer more variety.

  • Choose the desired format and delivery type.
  • Select OneDrive or SharePoint for the delivery location.
  • Set the folder location for the subscription delivery.
  • Customize the file name and append date/time if needed.
  • Decide on the start date, delivery frequency, scheduled time, and time zone. An end date is optional.
  • Save the setup to start receiving reports in the selected location at the chosen frequency.

Notably, support for Premium Per User (PPU) is anticipated shortly, expanding the service's reach. However, this feature remains unavailable to Sovereign clouds until its general availability. As this service continues to evolve, users are encouraged to provide feedback to enhance functionality and user experience further.

Understanding the Benefits of Direct Subscription Deliveries in Business Intelligence

Enabling direct subscriptions to OneDrive and SharePoint through similar keywords to Power BI represents a significant leap forward in business intelligence (BI) and data sharing capabilities. This advancement simplifies the process of managing and disseminating vital reports across teams or departments, ensuring that stakeholders have immediate and effortless access to the latest data insights, without the need for cumbersome email attachments. It promotes a culture of transparency and collaboration by allowing users to maintain a history of report deliveries and track modifications over time, enabling organizations to respond swiftly and efficiently to new business insights. Additionally, the integration aligns with existing licensing frameworks, making it a seamless addition to the BI workflow. As business environments become increasingly data-driven, the ability to streamline report sharing and accessibility through OneDrive and SharePoint will become an invaluable tool in any organization's arsenal, fostering informed decision-making and strategic planning.


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