Advance Image editing in SharePoint pages Image webpart
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Aug 10, 2023 1:30 PM

Advance Image editing in SharePoint pages Image webpart

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It is possible to edit the image / Crop /apply filter /adjustments /Markup within the Image webpart. In this video

Advance Image editing has been integrated within SharePoint pages image webpart. You are now gifted with the ability to edit the image to your preference. This includes operations like cropping, filtering, making adjustments and markup directly within the image webpart. In an illustrative video, you'll be shown the look and feel of this newly rolled out feature in a bid to ease your getting accustomed with it. This innovation comes as a part of MICROSOFT365 under the SHAREPOINT and OFFICE365 suites.

  • Editing of images within SharePoint pages Image webpart.
  • Ability to crop, filter, make adjustments and markup the image.
  • Illustrative video to showcase the feel and appearance of the new feature.
  • Introduced under the MICROSOFT365 umbrella.
  • Available within SHAREPOINT and OFFICE365 suites.

Deep Diving into the Feature

This new feature on SharePoint is a quantum leap towards enhancing user experience. Being bundled under Microsoft365 adds the much-needed scalability and breadth. The feature has been embedded inside both SharePoint and Office365 suites, thereby ensuring wider reach. This is a welcome move by Microsoft on their march towards improving the overall UX. The illustrative video serves as a handy guide to navigate through this feature.

Learn about Advance Image editing in SharePoint pages Image webpart

SharePoint offers a powerful image editing feature for users to create and customize images within the Image webpart. This feature allows users to easily crop, apply filters, and make adjustments to images. Additionally, users can even mark up images to add special effects and annotations. In this video, I will demonstrate the look and feel of this new image editing feature available in Microsoft 365 and SharePoint.


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