3 Things that Microsoft Need to Make Clearer
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Oct 27, 2023 7:00 PM

3 Things that Microsoft Need to Make Clearer

by HubSite 365 about Jonathan Edwards

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The Important Facts Microsoft 365 Should Convey

"Jonathan Edwards" in his YouTube video touched upon a few key elements of Microsoft 365 that aren't made as transparent as they should be. He passionately shared his insights while highlighting his love for the product. Edwards identified three gray areas needing illumination.

Edwards encourages the full utilization Microsoft 365 Admin to maximize the return on your tech investment. He emphasises on supercharging your Microsoft 365 usage while also optimizing your business operations.

In the video he talks about the mysterious realm of licensing, sharing insights which he believes should be stated upfront during registration. He makes it clear that a deeper understanding of their licensing could lead to an optimized use of the platform.

Edwards strongly advocates for the need to decypher the true capabilities of Microsoft 365 Admin, ensuring users fully grasp its potential. With the right knowledge, users can easily streamline their operations and increase productivity.

In his free guide, he uncovers five uses of Microsoft 365 Admin that can assist in saving both time and money for businesses. What's interesting is that he also identifies a feature that can potentially boost your cyber security by 99.9%.


Broader Perspective on Microsoft 365

The Microsoft 365 platform is indeed a powerful tool. It brings a multitude of functionalities under one roof. This YouTube video by Jonathan Edwards brings into focus the importance of understanding the platform fully, utilizing its features to the maximum, and the role of licensing in enhancing business productivity.

Microsoft 365 Admin - Microsofts 3 Crucial Clarifications Needed Today: A Deep Dive

Make Clearer TODAY!

The thought of utilizing Microsoft 365 to its full potential may seem exciting, but there are a few aspects that Microsoft could address more explicitly. Here's a focus on three points of concern shared by several users, particularly concerning licensing. Understanding these issues can help in fully tapping into your Microsoft 365 investment.

Keeping these concerns in mind, it becomes clear that Microsoft needs to provide more clarity during the process of signing up. The company should focus on making their licensing procedure more approachable for users, especially those who are new to the platform.

Education is key in overcoming these challenges. There are several training courses on Microsoft 365 available online, from beginner to advanced. Opting for a program that delves into specifics about licensing could help in extracting the maximum benefit from your Microsoft 365 investment. Additionally, attempting to practice on the platform can accelerate learning tenfold.


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