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Design Stunning Newsletters with SharePoint Guide
SharePoint Online
Feb 12, 2024 10:21 AM

Design Stunning Newsletters with SharePoint Guide

by HubSite 365 about Denis Molodtsov [MVP]

Microsoft MVP | Microsoft 365 Architect

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Elevate Your Newsletters: Learn How SharePoint Transforms Email Communications!

Key insights


Key Insights:

  • SharePoint in Microsoft 365 simplifies and enhances the newsletter creation process, making it more engaging than using Outlook.

  • To start a newsletter, having a SharePoint site is essential, and one must be created if it doesn't exist.

  • The process involves creating news posts by selecting engaging stories and visuals to make the newsletter eye-catching.

  • SharePoint provides tools for selecting, editing stories, and images to personalize and improve the newsletter's appeal.

  • Finalizing and distributing the newsletter is easy and quick, with options to select the audience and email subject before sending.


Understanding SharePoint for Newsletter Creation

SharePoint in Microsoft 365 has emerged as a powerful tool for creating engaging newsletters, offering a significant improvement over traditional methods like Outlook. The process starts with the creation of a SharePoint site, serving as the foundation upon which your newsletter will be built. This platform stands out by allowing users to easily select and curate news posts that contain compelling stories and eye-catching visuals. Through SharePoint's intuitive editing tools, creators can fine-tune their content, ensuring the newsletter not only conveys the intended messages but also captures the audience's attention.

Once the content is ready, SharePoint simplifies the distribution process. Creators can swiftly post their newsletters, choose their target audience, and decide on an email subject. This level of customization and flexibility makes SharePoint an invaluable asset for businesses and individuals looking to engage their audiences with high-quality, personalized newsletters. Beyond simplifying the creation process, SharePoint's integrative capabilities with Microsoft 365 ensure a seamless workflow, enhancing productivity and promoting effective communication.



Create Beautiful Newsletter using SharePoint Creating newsletters in Outlook can be challenging. But did you know that SharePoint in Microsoft 365 makes it a lot easier and more engaging? Let's dive right in and learn how to use it.

First, you need a SharePoint site. That's your starting point for the newsletter. If you don’t already have a site, you need to create one. Next, create one or more news posts. It's all about choosing engaging stories and visuals that catch the eye. SharePoint offers some great tools to help you pick the right content.

You can select and edit your stories and images here. This is where you can really make your newsletter stand out. When done, click Post and Send. Choose your audience and the email subject. The newsletter will be sent within a few seconds.

Understanding SharePoint Online for Effective Communication

SharePoint Online is a highly versatile platform in the Microsoft 365 suite that enables users to create, share, and manage content effectively. Its functionality extends beyond simple file storage, offering users tools to create engaging websites, newsletters, and more. This is particularly useful for businesses looking to streamline their internal communications.

The platform's newsletter functionality simplifies the process of creating and distributing newsletters, making it an attractive option for teams who regularly share updates and news. By removing the complexity often associated with newsletter creation in traditional email clients like Outlook, it encourages more frequent and creative communication efforts.

Additionally, SharePoint Online serves as a collaboration hub where team members can co-author documents, manage project sites, and share resources seamlessly in a secure environment. This fosters a collaborative organizational culture that is well-informed and aligned on business objectives.

The ability to customize and personalize content on SharePoint Online further enhances its appeal. Users can tailor their communication to meet the needs of their audience, ensuring that messages are engaging and relevant. Whether it's a newsletter, a project site, or a document library, the platform empowers users to deliver high-quality, impactful content.

Finally, as part of the broader Microsoft 365 ecosystem, SharePoint Online integrates effortlessly with other apps like Teams, Yammer, and OneDrive. This integration facilitates a cohesive and unified digital workplace, enabling organizations to operate more efficiently and effectively in today's fast-paced business environment.


SharePoint Online - Design Stunning Newsletters with SharePoint Guide


People also ask

Can you design a newsletter in SharePoint?

Indeed, SharePoint from Microsoft 365 is a recommended tool for this purpose. It enables the creation of blog-style news pages and the use of branded news templates. This dual functionality ensures that users can not only find content with ease but also stay updated with the news that matters most to them.

How do I make SharePoint look amazing?

To enhance the visual appeal of your SharePoint site, you can apply a theme to modify its color scheme. You have the option to select from default SharePoint themes and alter them to meet your needs, adopt a company theme that adheres to your organization's branding guidelines, or choose from the classic experience themes. Additionally, guidelines are available for creating and uploading a company theme to further personalize your SharePoint site theming.

What is the best Microsoft program to create a newsletter?

Publisher is an excellent choice within the Microsoft suite for creating and tailoring newsletters to your specifications.

Does Microsoft teams have a newsletter feature?

Creating a Team in Microsoft Teams automatically associates it with a Microsoft 365 group, which in turn provides access to a SharePoint team site. This site comes equipped with the News feature, offering an efficient way to disseminate important updates and engaging stories to your team, thereby ensuring everyone is well-informed.



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