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Introducing Microsoft Global Secure Access - No More VPN's!
Mar 8, 2024 12:16 PM

Introducing Microsoft Global Secure Access - No More VPN's!

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Revolutionize your security with Microsoft Global Secure Access - Goodbye VPNs, Hello Enhanced Protection!

Key insights


  • Introduction of Microsoft Global Secure Access: Eliminates the need for VPNs by enhancing security for Microsoft 365 users.
  • Security Service Edge (SSE): A new network security category essential for the modern workforce that operates from anywhere.
  • Microsoft's SSE solution: Combines Microsoft Entra Internet Access and Microsoft Entra Private Access, offering secure access and preventing threats.
  • Key Features of Microsoft Entra: Includes preventing stolen token replay, applying universal tenant restrictions, and enabling web content filtering.
  • Next Steps: Encourages users to get started with Global Secure Access and stay updated on Microsoft Entra ID developments.
  • Get started with Global Secure Access

Expanding on Microsoft Global Secure Access

Microsoft's introduction of Global Secure Access marks a significant evolution in how businesses and individuals can secure their digital assets and streamline their connectivity. With the work environment becoming increasingly remote and decentralized, traditional network perimeters no longer suffice. Microsoft's move to a Zero Trust security model, emphasizing "never trust, always verify," reflects an understanding of the modern cybersecurity landscape's complexities.

Global Secure Access, as part of the broader Security Service Edge (SSE) initiative, provides a comprehensive solution for secure, conditional access to apps and resources. Whether it's securing access to Microsoft 365, SaaS applications, or private corporate networks, Global Secure Access offers a robust set of features designed to protect against internet threats while ensuring seamless user experiences. Features like the prevention of token replay attacks, tenant restrictions, and enhanced risk assessment precision stand out as critical components of this offering.

Furthermore, the coupling of Microsoft Entra Internet Access and Microsoft Entra Private Access under the Global Secure Access umbrella simplifies IT management of access policies. This unified approach not only streamlines deployment but also strengthens security by ensuring consistent policy application across all access points. As workplaces continue to evolve, solutions like Microsoft Global Secure Access will be crucial in addressing the challenges of modern network security.



Introducing Microsoft Global Secure Access - No More VPN's! Microsoft is revolutionizing how we connect to Microsoft 365 by moving away from traditional VPNs towards a more secure solution. This marks a significant shift in enhancing security within the Microsoft ecosystem.

Jonathan Edwards presents an in-depth look at Microsoft Global Secure Access in his YouTube video. He explores how the landscape of network and security has transformed and offers a comprehensive demonstration of the Global Secure Access's capabilities.

The video outlines the evolution of security protocols and the shifting paradigm towards cloud-based applications and data storage. It highlights the necessity for an identity-aware, cloud-delivered network perimeter catering to the modern, mobile workforce.

Microsoft's Security Service Edge (SSE) Solution is a duo of Microsoft Entra Internet Access and Microsoft Entra Private Access, designed to provide secure, seamless access to apps and resources from anywhere. This innovation is founded on the principles of Zero Trust, emphasizing least privilege access, explicit verification, and breach assumption.

The Global Secure Access initiative simplifies access policy management and orchestrates access for employees, partners, and digital workloads through Microsoft Entra ID. It allows for real-time adjustments to user access based on changes in permissions or risk levels.

Benefits of this integrated access control include streamlined management via a unified portal and delivery through Microsoft's extensive private network. This network spans over 140 regions and 190+ edge locations, ensuring optimal, secure connections.

Microsoft Entra Internet Access focuses on securing access to Microsoft 365, SaaS, and Internet applications. It employs a Secure Web Gateway (SWG) for identity-centric, cloud-delivered protection against Internet threats. This service is in public preview, showcasing best-in-class security and access to Microsoft 365 apps.

  • Prevents token replays with compliant network Conditional Access.
  • Enables precise risk assessments for users, locations, and devices.
  • Protects public internet access through Microsoft's SWG solution.

Microsoft Entra Private Access allows remote or office users secure access to corporate resources without needing traditional VPNs. It extends Microsoft Entra application proxy capabilities to any private network resource, offering granular security via per-app adaptive access.

  • Zero Trust based access without legacy VPNs, known as Quick Access.
  • Modernizes legacy app authentication with deep Conditional Access integration.
  • Enables a seamless experience by integrating with non-Microsoft SSE solutions.

Terms of Use for these preview experiences underscore the importance of understanding the legal and contractual stipulations. Users are encouraged to familiarize themselves with these terms to ensure compliance and awareness of security, privacy, and compliance commitments.

To begin utilizing Global Secure Access, users are prompted to follow set-up instructions and stay informed on the latest Microsoft Entra ID updates. The feedback system is set to evolve, with a transition to a new platform slated for 2024, aiming to enhance user input regarding Microsoft's offerings.




People also ask

Does Microsoft have a built in VPN?

Yes, Microsoft offers the Edge Secure Network, which leverages VPN technology to protect your sensitive information against unauthorized access by third parties and malicious actors. This feature enables safer online activities such as shopping, filling out forms, and browsing, by keeping your data hidden from unwanted observers. Importantly, this is integrated directly into Microsoft Edge at no additional cost.

Does Microsoft Edge have a built in VPN?

The Edge Secure Network, an integrated VPN feature within Microsoft Edge, is designed to enhance your online security. It works by shielding your network connection from potential online threats, keeping your geographical location undisclosed, and securing your personal data. This function is aimed at providing a safer online environment for activities like shopping and form submission.

Does Microsoft have ZTNA?

Microsoft has introduced the Microsoft Entra Private Access Preview, which showcases the company's venture into the realm of Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA). This innovative, identity-centric ZTNA solution is a part of Microsoft's broader commitment to enhancing online security measures.

Is Microsoft Entra new?

Previously known as Azure AD, Microsoft has rebranded this service to Microsoft Entra ID, a change announced on June 20, 2023. Despite the new name, Microsoft continues to provide the same robust capabilities and service level agreements that users have come to expect from Azure AD, under the Microsoft Entra umbrella.



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