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Step-by-Step Guide to Building a SharePoint HR Site
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Apr 25, 2024 2:05 PM

Step-by-Step Guide to Building a SharePoint HR Site

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Build an Engaging HR Site on SharePoint: A Step-by-Step Tutorial for All Organization Sizes

Key insights


  • Creating a Human Resources Site in SharePoint is essential for organizing HR content regardless of the organization's size.
  • It's crucial to decide between making an HR Private vs HR Employee-facing site and whether to have a separate HR Site or use the Intranet Home Site.
  • Choosing between building from scratch or starting with a template is important, noting Microsoft offers templates like the one for Human Resources.
  • The video covers 18 steps to building a functional HR site, including creating a communication site, setting up site permissions, and deciding on site content types like News, Videos, and Policies.
  • Various SharePoint functionalities are highlighted for different content types, such as News Web Part for announcements and Document Library with Metadata for policies.


Enhancing HR Management with SharePoint

SharePoint is a powerful tool for enhancing Human Resources (HR) management. By creating a dedicated HR site within SharePoint, organizations can streamline HR processes, improve employee communication, and ensure easy access to essential HR materials. SharePoint's flexibility allows for a customized HR site that meets the specific needs of both HR professionals and employees. From important announcements and upcoming events to training videos and HR policies, every piece of content can be organized and presented effectively. Additionally, the integration of SharePoint functionalities, like the News Web Part and Document Library, further extends the capabilities of an HR site, making it a comprehensive resource. The process of building an HR site in SharePoint, as discussed, involves careful planning, starting from deciding on the site's privacy settings to the selection of relevant content types. Overall, leveraging SharePoint for HR purposes not only enhances the efficiency of HR operations but also fosters a more informed and engaged workplace.

Deciding on the Site Type and Template

The video begins by exploring the initial choices one must make, including whether to opt for an HR private site or an HR employee-facing site, and whether the HR site should be separate or part of an intranet home site. The instructor advocates for the creation of a separate Communication Site for HR to streamline accessibility and improve organization. On the topic of site templates, while Microsoft offers extensive options including HR templates, the presenter recommends custom building the site to tailor it to specific content needs, suggesting that creating a site from scratch could offer more flexibility and customization.

Essential Content Types and SharePoint Functionalities

The core of the video delves into the diverse types of content typically found on HR sites and the corresponding SharePoint functionalities to utilize. These include the News Web Part for announcements, the Events Web Part for company calendars, and the Stream Web Part for displaying videos such as training resources. Additional features highlighted are the Image Gallery for photos, Quick Links for essential URLs, Collapsible Sections for FAQs, a Knowledge Base for in-depth information, and a People Web Part for contact details. For managing deadlines and policies, the Countdown Timer and a document library with custom metadata are recommended.

Customizing and Securing the HR Site

As the tutorial progresses, viewers learn how to customize the main page for a welcoming and functional entry point, set up site permissions for data security, and create employee folders for personalized content access. The video emphasizes the importance of these steps in making the site not only informative but also secure and personalized for each employee. This thorough guide equips HR professionals with the knowledge to create a comprehensive and user-friendly HR site on SharePoint Online, enhancing internal communication and resource management within their organizations.


SharePoint Online - Step-by-Step Guide to Building a SharePoint HR Site


People also ask

"How do I create a HR site in SharePoint?"

The process involves utilizing site features within SharePoint.

"Can SharePoint be used as an HRIS?"

While SharePoint is not specifically designed as a Human Resources Information System (HRIS), it possesses the capability to be tailored for managing HR functionalities in an efficient manner.

"How do I create an HR portal?"

A comprehensive guide is available for designing HR Portals in the current year, 2023, to assist in the creation process.

"How do I create a corporate SharePoint site?"

The task can be achieved by initiating the creation of a site within the SharePoint environment.



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