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Consolidating SharePoint News Across Various Sites
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Sep 28, 2023 2:08 PM

Consolidating SharePoint News Across Various Sites

by HubSite 365 about Ellen van Aken

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Enhance your SharePoint News experience by easily sharing posts from various sites, increasing visibility of valuable content and boosting your audience reach.

Author Ellen van Aken highlights the utility of SharePoint Online in combining news from different sites in a recent blog post. By sharing news articles from various sources, users can enhance their audience's news experience, increasing other publishers' visibility simultaneously. This feature saw extensive use in her previous role, enriching the company's intranet homepage with diverse news updates.

The blog post further breaks down three techniques to share news posts from different outlets to your site. Firstly, you can use the 'Add News Link' function to integrate an individual article to your news feed, thus showcasing the content as if it were posted on your site. Despite appearing to be published on your platform, the 'News Link' will redirect users to its original source upon clicking the title or image.

To initiate this process, navigate to the News link on the web part. Instead of selecting a News post, click on 'New' and opt for 'News Link'. Enter the link of the specific News post, which will automatically generate an image, title, and description. Any necessary adjustments can be made, and by clicking 'Post', your article is published.

Next, Aken suggests permanently integrating one or more news sources to your website. By adding various outlets to your news web part, you can amalgamate their news with your own, creating a diverse news feed. Lastly, she discusses how all sites can be incorporated within the Hub should they belong to the same category, such as an Intranet or global HR portal.More information can be found here.

Further Thoughts

Microsoft's SharePoint Online is more than just a platform for collaborating on documents and managing projects. It's a powerful tool for communicating information throughout an organization, an essential capability in the modern networked era. SharePoint Online's news-merging feature perfectly exemplifies this capability by allowing for a diverse news feed that keeps teams updated on key stories.

This feature not only helps enrich the site's content but also boosts the visibility of other publishers by sharing their posts. For whoever is managing the site, SharePoint Online provides an easy-to-use platform that allows content to be published quickly and with minimal technical knowledge required.

By using the 'Add News Link' feature, a site or blog post can introduce a wide array of news sources within their own feed, vastly increasing the variety of news content available to their viewers. The simple process of entering a link, auto-populating the details, and making adjusted posts is also a powerful feature that makes this software user-friendly and efficient.

This piece by Ellen van Aken provides insightful and detailed steps for making the most out of SharePoint Online's feature, proving to be a huge advantage for publishers wanting to increase audience and content diversity on their sites.

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SharePoint Online - Consolidating SharePoint News Across Various Sites

Learn about Combining SharePoint News from different sites

In the vast and dynamic world of Microsoft's SharePoint Online, managing and sharing news posts across various sites hold the key to enhanced user experience. This practice facilitates the exchange of interesting news from different parts of an organization, enhancing visibility and audience reach for publishers. Here's how to optimize your utilization of this SharePoint feature.

Adding News Posts from Other Sites

  • One-time use: Add News Link: This method allows you to add an individual post to your news feed. The post appears as if it's published on your site, creating a reference, not a copy. To do this, go to the "New" option, select "News link", enter the link to the news post, and click "Post". Remember, if the original post is deleted, your linked item might yield an error.

  • Permanent: Adding News Sources: This option allows you to display news from other selected websites on your site. Simply go to the page with the News web part, hit "Edit", choose "Select sites", check the required sites, and see their news mixed with yours, based on the publish date. Unlike the "News Link", no reference page is created.

  • Permanent: All Sites in the Hub: If you have a set of interconnected sites, say, they constitute your Intranet. In this case, create a Hub Site, and associate other sites with your primary site. All news posts will have the name of their original site on top, and no reference page will be created.

A Few Considerations

  • Including Team Sites: Both Team sites and Communication sites can be included using the options above. Furthermore, check if news posts or sites included in your News web part or Digest can be accessed by your audience. If you include posts from Team sites, they may have stricter permissions than those from Communication sites.

  • Creating a Digest from Combined News: You can turn all news posts in your web part into a News Digest. Just ensure that everyone has access to all the involved sites.

  • Adding a News Web Part to More than one Page: While you might have the News web part on your site home page, you can create as many News web parts in your site as you need, and configure them separately. This practice helps you keep track of other posts and pick out any interesting ones.

While all this might seem complex at first, with constant use, it'll become easier. Happy sharing!

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