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Step-by-Step Guide to Integrating ChatGPT with PowerApps
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Sep 26, 2023 5:45 PM

Step-by-Step Guide to Integrating ChatGPT with PowerApps

by HubSite 365 about Amit Kumar Rath

Senior Consultant at Capgemini Nederland B.V. (Dynamics365 CE/Power Platform)

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Step-by-step guide to integrating Open AI-powered ChatGPT with PowerApps using Power Automate for optimal chatbot results.

Today we spotlight a technology integration guided by Amit Kumar Rath, focusing on incorporating AI-powered chat technology, ChatGPT, with Power Apps via Microsoft's automation tool, Power Automate. Key points discussed include generate an API key for ChatGPT, creating an automated flow within Power Automate, connecting with Power Apps, and testing the new application.

The tutorial cuts down the complexity of this technology union. Beginning with the generation of the ChatGPT API key, which is an easy step involving simply signing up on the OpenAI API site and securing a newly created key.

The second step involves creating an instant Power Automate flow, which will hold variables for a user-input text sentence from Power Apps and the results received from ChatGPT. The crucial phase here is adding an HTTP trigger with certain specified parameters, which subsequently initiates the ChatGPT response.

Understanding the Integration Process

This process also involves setting up a "Parse JSON" action to neatly structure the response from the HTTP action. Once the AI's response is received, it is stored in a variable and then sent back to Power Apps. Having completed the data flow foundation, the application is ready for use in Power Apps.

Seamless user-experience within the app is ensured by adding a TextInput field, a responsive ChatGPT button, and finally an HTML Text field. Carefully designed code snippets inputted in these fields ensure that when a user enters a portion of a sentence, they trigger the ChatGPT response, which then completes the sentence.

To test the integration's functionality, a simple incomplete sentence is inputted into the specified field, the ChatGPT button is clicked, and the completed sentence is then displayed. Observing the output, it's safe to say that this AI connection via Power Automate effectively integrates with Power Apps.

  • Generate the ChatGPT API key
  • Create an Instant Power Automate flow
  • Integrate with Power Apps
  • Test the app

Summarizing, this thought-provoking integration tutorial by Amit Kumar Rath effectively guides the unification of OpenAI's ChatGPT with Power Apps using Power Automate. Optimized for user-friendly functionality, this setup promises an advanced, interactive, and efficient AI-powered application.

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Power Apps - Step-by-Step Guide to Integrating ChatGPT with PowerApps

Learn about Integrate ChatGPT with PowerApps

In the world of app development, amalgamating AI-powered chat functionalities like ChatGPT in popular app creation tools is increasingly becoming a trend. One such tool where this happens to be applicable is the Microsoft low-code platform. This read will detail the processes involved in connecting ChatGPT, an Open AI-powered bot, to this Microsoft platform via Automate and have the results presented on the platform itself.

Let's dive in!

The first step in achieving this involves the generation of the ChatGPT API key. Open the URL and signup. After signing up, click on the "API keys", subsequently clicking on the "Create new secret key". A new key will be generated, which should be saved for later use.

  • navigate to URL
  • Signup process
  • Create a new secret key
  • Store the generated key

Proceeding, you need to create an "Instant" Automate flow. Initialize a variable meant to garner a text sentence from the MS platform. Another variable should also be initialized to store the data from ChatGPT which will be eventually sent back to the Microsoft platform. Add an "HTTP" trigger with the following parameters:

  • Method: POST
  • URL:
  • Headers AuthorizationBearer "API-Key generated in step 1" content-typeApplication/json

The next step would be to incorporate a "Parse JSON" action. Here, the body outputs of the "HTTP" action will be passed in the "Content" field of this action.

The Automate flow is now ready, and can be utilized in our app platform. All that's needed is to add a "TextInput" field, a "Button" with its "Text" property set to "ChatGPT response". The following code should be pasted on the "OnSelect" property of the "ChatGPT Response" button:

Set(varCompleteSentence, Sentence_Completion.Run(SearchTextInput.Text)); ClearCollect(colResult,varCompleteSentence.result)

The final phase is to test the app. Enter an incomplete sentence in the "SearchTextInput" field and click on the "ChatGPT response" button; the expected output should be displayed.

Integration of ChatGPT with this specific ECM platform not only speeds up the workflow, facilitates multi-tasking but also simplifies application creation and testing methodologies.

Quickly test and validate our claims to ensure your platform of choice is at its maximum efficiency!

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