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Microsoft Whiteboard Features - Standalone & Teams Integration
Oct 16, 2023 5:00 PM

Microsoft Whiteboard Features - Standalone & Teams Integration

by HubSite 365 about Mike Tholfsen

Principal Group Product Manager - Microsoft Education

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Unlock the power of collaboration with updated features in Microsoft Whiteboard. Explore new templates, live text, improved ink and more!

Latest Features of Microsoft's Interactive Tool

Mike Tholfsen presents an instructive YouTube video focusing on eight new features in Microsoft's interactive tool, sportingly known as the Whiteboard, both as a standalone and in Microsoft Teams. The innovative features highlighted include an enhanced interface, additional templates, commentary options, ink enhancements, and the ability for live text in real time, among others. These features, some in public preview, others in General Availability, significantly reshape the user experience.

In the sphere of hybrid work where inclusivity and visual contributions are key, Microsoft's whiteboard tool effectively caters to these necessities. Coupled with Microsoft Teams, it enables participants to engross visually engaging discussions and can improve productivity in meetings. Real-time enhancements empower you to lead impressive and outcome-oriented meets.

One of the enhancements enables users to quickly set up the interactive board with discussion goals using one of over 60 templatized designs. This feature will be available for Microsoft 365 commercial users from December 2022. Also, participants can visualize ideas, prepare for discussions, or follow-up on previous meetings using the tool's integration in Teams 1:1 calls.

To add depth to your meeting boards, online video and link embedding are now possible. This feature allows you to add visual richness and make your meeting more engaging by including supplemental videos directly on the interactive tool. This eradicates the need of switching tabs and windows which can potentially disrupt a meeting's flow.

Another feature, readily accessible for Microsoft 365 commercial users, allows you to engage participants by quickly pulling up boards prepared earlier using the 'open existing board' feature. Participants can exchange ideas by utilizing the timer, allowing for focused and productive talks.

  • Support for users on the interactive board to follow your viewpoint as you navigate around the board to facilitate a comprehensive discussion. This feature will be rolling out by the end of the calendar year.
  • Improve your board's aesthetics and legibility with the automatic resizing of text in sticky notes.
  • Start fresh with the new partial eraser feature, rolling out at the close of the year.
  • Create dynamic meetings by knowing who contributes notes and feedback with sticky note attribution.
  • Clear and open-ended discussions can be facilitated by using the comment feature, which will be available in April 2023.

In conclusion, while the future of work may be changing, the need for effective collaboration remains vital. Microsoft stays committed to meeting this requirement, enabling both remote and in-person attendees to collaborate visually across the same digital canvas.

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Whiteboard - Latest Microsoft Whiteboard Features - Standalone & Teams Integration

Learn about 8 new features in Microsoft Whiteboard | Stand-alone and Microsoft Teams

Microsoft's digital canvas, known as the Microsoft Whiteboard, is a versatile tool that aims to enhance collaboration and boost productivity. This YouTube tutorial walks through the 8 new features introduced in the visual collaboration software aimed at improving both in-person and remote team experiences.

In the new interface, a range of templates have been made available to assist with your projects. These pre-designed templates can guide team brainstorming, problem solving, or planning sessions. Notably, you can easily access my templates and those shared with you right from the interface. The innovative toolbar located at the bottom of the screen, provides a wealth of tools and controls to ease your working experiences.

The addition of a Commenting feature is aimed at boosting discourse around shared ideas. This allows participants to share their thoughts, provide feedback, and interact with others' comments, making communication on digital projects even more effective. Bootstrap your collaborative efforts with live text, an innovative feature that facilitates real-time collaboration.

The text formatting features have also been beefed up to increase legibility and highlight important points. The software update also includes an upgraded ink opacity, contributing to a better visual experience. Now, participants have a wider variety of reactions at their disposal with expanded reactions.

The smartboard has been seamlessly integrated into Microsoft Teams. This makes it easy to visualize your ideas, prepare for meetings, or review past discussions. You can also easily incorporate online videos and links onto the smartboard, giving depth to your presentations without interrupting the natural flow of your meeting. An innovative timer feature assists in helping maintain focus during discussions, ensuring the meeting keeps progressing as scheduled.

Empowering facilitators, the Follow feature allows participants to follow along as one navigates the board. Users can pause or resume following at will. The automatic resizing of text inside sticky notes is another convenience that improves the overall legibility of your smartboard. This means you can add more text without worrying about scrolling.

The Partial Eraser feature provides functionality according to your needs - a precise eraser for small mistakes or rapid erasure for larger areas. The Sticky Note Attribution feature keeps track of who contributed what, promoting a sense of responsibility and ownership among collaborators.

Microsoft Loop components can be copied and pasted into the smartboard, ensuring contributions stay updated across all shared platforms. After your synchronous meetings, the board can still be accessed and updated, fostering an ongoing collaborative environment.

Comments, a new addition, provide a platform for exchanging ideas or voicing concerns. Through comments, a more in-depth discussion on the content can be had. The greatest breakthrough however, is the Whiteboard's ability to tie together all methods of collaboration, bridging the gap between remote and in-person collaborations. To get started, you can visit the smartboard product page or the support site.

Microsoft continues to improve its product and service range to meet the evolving demands of the modern workplace. Stay updated on the developments in productivity apps and intelligent cloud services by checking out the Microsoft 365 roadmap.

Note: The Follow feature is not available for school accounts as of now.

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