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Microsoft Business Apps Launch: Highlights from Power Pages
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Sep 29, 2023 5:35 AM

Microsoft Business Apps Launch: Highlights from Power Pages

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Unlock business success with Microsoft Power Pages at the Microsoft Business Applications Launch Event!

A Peek into the Future of Business Applications with New Technologies

The existing business arena is encountering an amalgamation of ever-increasing challenges. We reside in a fast-paced technology landscape that proactively caters to these challenges, providing a wide variety of pioneering solutions for numerous industries.

Merely managing this accelerating change can be daunting, yet the necessity to deliver groundbreaking customer experiences enhances this complexity. It implies the need for the right technology to overcome such evolving hurdles.

Envision the future line of intelligent business applications with a preview of the forthcoming age of business at the Microsoft Business Applications Launch Event. The occasion allows an exploration of latest innovations, features, and advancements, all designed to improve revenue growth, customer satisfaction, organizational vision, and collaborative efforts.

Unfolding the New Additions to Microsoft Tech Innovations

Gain comprehensive awareness of the exciting new features and enhancements across the dynamic business solution, scheduled for release during wave one of 2023. This includes a dedicated workspace for migrating site configurations, improving consistency and utilization.

Connect with enterprise data without duplications, build low-code websites without security compromise, and allow a secure call of cloud flows. Enhanced administrative controls grant better security, permit organization-wide data security implementation, and prevent undesired data exposure.

A novel conflict detection feature within the web-based Microsoft Visual Studio Code promotes reliable coauthoring and minimise risk by notifying about simultaneous changes to a file by multiple users. Also, developers can now work on the site code sans context switch. FAQ template feature further simplifies the creation of FAQ websites.

Powering Growth with Technological Innovations

The event will also showcase practical scenarios where these solutions work seamlessly. Special sessions from stalwarts like Charles Lamanna, Microsoft Corporate Vice President of Business Applications and Platforms, will guide you to leverage business applications for speeding up organization growth.

You will gain insights on the transformative role of AI in shaping next-generation business applications and creating agile and customer-focused teams. Dr. Walter Sun, Microsoft Vice President, AI in Business Applications, will take a deep dive into explaining the tech behind language models.

Enhance your customer experiences across various business domains with practical demonstrations and valuable insights from fellow Microsoft customers. Gain practical strategies and best practices suitable for a variety of industries from industry experts.

The Microsoft Business Applications Launch Event is scheduled on Tuesday, April 4, 2023, 9:00 AM–10:30 AM Pacific Time. We hope you partake in this productive digital launch event to embark on a tech-savvy future dominated by AI innovations and improved collaboration tools.

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Power Pages - Microsoft Business Apps Launch: Highlights from Power Pages

Learn about Microsoft Power Pages at the Microsoft Business Applications Launch Even

In the contemporary business world, businesses are constantly grappling with an incessantly rising number of challenges. These challenges can be mitigated by availing themselves of the rapidly advancing and diverse technological solutions. The main objective is to construct a remarkable customer experience at every point of contact.

Therefore, for your team to effectively overcome complex problems and propel the business towards future growth, the investment in suitable technology is imperative.

Dive into the world of Smart Business Applications

Today marks the onset of the future of business, and you are invited to take a pioneering glimpse at what will catapult your business ahead at the Microsoft Business Applications Launch Event. Here, Product leads provide thorough guidelines on the latest capabilities. They unveil new features, developments, and inventions to boost revenue, satisfy customers, enhance visibility, and cement collaboration within your firm.

Lift the veil on the new features and advancements from the Microsoft Intelligent Pages, recently announced for the 2023 wave one release, as described below:

  • Application lifecycle management (ALM): Makers are empowered to shift site configurations within environments through a specific solutions area designated for Intelligent Pages' modules. Visual experiences are both simplified and enhanced to maintain consistency with other Power Platform applications.
  • Virtual table support: Incorporate external corporate data with Microsoft Dataverse eliminating duplications and construct low-code webpages in requisite formats without jeopardising security.
  • Cloud flows: Developers are privileged to safely call cloud flows employing an API from webpages, authorize specific cloud flows, and fine-tune security via the Setup workspace. A connector available can be triggered whenever required from events in Intelligent Pages to stimulate bidirectional data exchange.

Furthermore, there is a lot more in store. Discover how these services benefit your business through demos steered by Microsoft product veterans. Gain insights from Charles Lamanna, Microsoft Corporate Vice President of Business Applications and Platforms, on how to spur business growth through innovation. With this in mind, the team responsible for the Microsoft Power Platform 2023 release wave 1 will also share insights and guide you through how all these updates, improvements, and new tech will propel you to:

  • Expand visibility, reduce time, and enhance creativity in your departments and teams with unified, AI-powered capabilities.
  • Enable your employees to concentrate on revenue-generating tasks while automating repetitive tasks.
  • Link people, data, and processes within your organization with cutting-edge collaboration tools.
  • Innovate limitlessly employing state-of-the-art low-code development, inclusive of new next-generation AI abilities.

You do not want to miss this digital launch event for a range of essential best practices, strategies, and insights suitable for organizations across various industries.

We eagerly look forward to your participation at the Microsoft Business Applications Launch Event on Tuesday, April 4, 2023 from 9:00 AM to 10:30 AM Pacific Time (UTC-7).

Businesses today are steadily facing new, amplified challenges. Technology is accelerating and diversifying at an unprecedented pace to tackle these problems, thus providing a growing range of solutions to sift through.

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