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Whats new in Microsoft 365 | October Updates
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Oct 31, 2023 2:00 PM

Whats new in Microsoft 365 | October Updates

by HubSite 365 about Nick Ross [MVP] (T-Minus365)

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Dive into Microsoft 365s October updates, exploring new features in Teams, Entra, Intune, and Admin, boosting efficiency and collaboration.

In this YouTube video by Nick Ross [MVP] (T-Minus365), he shares the latest updates arriving in Microsoft 365 during October 20231.

The content starts off with a documentation of the main advancements in programs like Teams, Entra, Intune, and the Microsoft 365 Portal[1].

Microsoft Teams

  • Features such as Forward Messages in Team Chats, Private Team Discovery, and Chat buttons in Missed Call Activity are some of the significant updates in Teams[1].
  • An additional feature includes the capability for users to create custom backgrounds in their announcement posts alongside the incorporation of the Out of Office’ setting in the Teams Mobile app[1].
  • The ability to quickly capture content in Teams Mobile and the introduction of end-to-end encrypted meetings are other improvements[1].

Entra ID (Azure AD)

  • Just-in-time group membership capability has been added, which bolsters resource and role assignment with a simplified, efficient process[1].
  • Microsoft Graph Activity Log is now available in public preview, providing detailed insights into tenant activity[1].
  • Users can now identify inactive users effectively with Microsoft Entra ID through Governance Access Reviews[1].

Microsoft Intune

  • Microsoft Intune now integrates with Microsoft Security Copilot, a powerful defence tool using generative AI, for faster and more efficient incident response[1].

Microsoft 365 Admin

  • Noteworthy updates include a rise in the number of print jobs available per license for customers with Microsoft 365 Business Premium[1].
  • For improved security measures, a new PIN-based verification for support callers has been implemented[1].
  • The support for Windows Server 2012 R2 has officially ended and users are urged to upgrade their systems accordingly[1].

In essence, these upgrades aim to streamline workflow, enhance security and further integrate platform links, thereby improving the overall user experience of using Microsoft 365.[1] Read the full article Whats new in Microsoft 365 | October Updates

Microsoft 365 Admin - Microsoft 365 October Updates: Latest Features and Improvements

Learn about Whats new in Microsoft 365 | October Updates

Our discussion centers around a YouTube video that comprehensively covers Microsoft 365 updates for October 2023. The video comprehensively discusses features introduced into different segments of Microsoft 365; Microsoft Teams, Entra, Intune, and Administration.

The key focus of the video are the new features and updates introduced in Microsoft Teams. These include

  • The ability to forward messages in teams chats.
  • Private Team Discovery that allows for an admin only control to help admins make all or label-based private teams discoverable in their organization.
  • The addition of a chat button in Missed Call Activity, allowing users to potentially engage the person who made the missed call.
  • A tool for creating custom backgrounds for Announcement Posts.
  • The ability to Set ‘Out of Office’ from Teams Mobile Application.
  • An easy way to capture content in Teams Mobile.
  • End-to-end encryption for meetings up to 200 participants.
  • Collaborative Loop components coming to channels from Teams chats.

Alongside Teams, the video focuses on updates to other parts of the Microsoft 365 platform. There are new introductions to Entra, Intune, and Admin.

For learning more about these updates, various training courses could be beneficial. The Microsoft learning pathway offers courses ranging from beginner to expert level enhancing knowledge about Teams, Intune, Entra, and the Admin facet of Microsoft 365. An example of this include "Master Microsoft Teams" by Udemy for learning about Teams, "Microsoft Intune Training" by Global Knowledge for Intune, and "Microsoft Azure Administrator" by Pluralsight for Entra. Moreover, Microsoft certified courses like MS-300 and MS-500 provide efficient administrative learning.

The video also touches on a subscription service. The viewer can get editable versions of the documentation discussed in the video by signing up for a monthly subscription. This would allow them to white-label it and send it to end users. Further these subscribers would get in-depth guides on implementation of said Microsoft services.

Furthermore, the video hosts information about Intune 'Security Copilot', which is a new feature aimed at enhancing the security of organizations by helping defend organizations at machine speed and scale.

Lastly, the video also clarifies three updates on the Microsoft 365 Admin. These include enhancement in print jobs for MS 365 Business Premium subscribers, introduction of pin-based verification process for support callers, and an announcement about Windows Server 2012 R2 reaching end of support.

In conclusion, the video offers a comprehensive review of the updates to Microsoft 365 in October 2023. These updates span across Microsoft Teams, Entra, Intune, and the Admin features. To delve deeper, the viewer could sign up for a subscription to get in-depth guides, or consider training packages from respective vendors.

Overall, Microsoft strives to bring the best offerings to its users and its relentless evolution continues to make it a Goliath in the tech industry. Remember to keep updated with the latest news and updates for improved use of Microsoft technologies.

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