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Microsoft Power Automate RPA: Latest Updates & Releases
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Power Automate RPA
Sep 27, 2023 6:10 PM

Microsoft Power Automate RPA: Latest Updates & Releases

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Unleash the power of hosted RPA with Microsofts latest updates, optimizing automation setup, scaling, and infrastructure costs.

A Deep Dive into Microsoft Power Automate RPA

Microsoft has announced two enhanced Remote Process Automation (RPA) scenarios in the recent blog post. These enhancements, packaged under Microsoft Power Automate, aim to simplify and expedite the RPA process for developers and administrators at Centers of Excellence (CoEs).

Designed for robust automation, the two new solutions include Individual hosted machines and Hosted machine groups. Both constructs aid in the easy and quick setup of automation, eliminating the need for manual infrastructure creation and assignment. Individual hosted machines, currently in preview, are tailor-made for developers to build business processes. On the other hand, hosted machine groups, now general users' privilege, automatically scales to optimize unattended automation in production.

The Microsoft-hosted infrastructure boosts efficiency by significantly reducing the time factor and costs involved. Furthermore, this feature now offers a consistent setup and licensing experience, in turn enhancing user convenience.

For developers who need advanced automation for specific applications, Azure Compute Gallery integration enables them to bring their virtual machine (VM) image. By default, a Windows image sufficient for web automation is available. As a result, developers can now establish large-scale automation with a few clicks.

The new update is capable of supporting a broad range of business processes using a single machine. The desktop flow can be deployed on a single machine to support individual business users running in both attended and unattended mode. Post completion of testing, developers can build the desktop flow on a hosted machine and then assign it to a machine group for distribution and scalability based on demand.

Hosted machine groups are introduced to alleviate the problem of planning for variability in RPA utilization, a task considered challenging and time consuming. Furthermore, hosted machine groups ensure bots' automatic provisioning whenever required, thereby promising not just flexibility but also cost-efficiency. These bots are virtual machines running the automation flows unattended in Azure.

Real-time load-based dynamic resource allocation is achieved by hosted machine groups. This efficient utilization eliminates the chances for any entity to monopolize resources, ensuring fair usage among different automation scenarios. Monitoring the RPA queue and optimizing the environment become effortless with real-time data, simple UI, and capability to manage the bots’ numbers all available in the Power Automate system.

Emphasizing its commitment to driving innovation, Microsoft's latest hosted RPA add-on makes scalable automation universally accessible. This entails optimum resource management, reduction in costs, and thereby allowing users to focus on their core business needs. Furthermore, all these features are readily available for a test-drive via a free trial sign-up option provided by Microsoft.

Broader Perspective on Power Automate RPA

Power Automate RPA stands as a testament to Microsoft's vision for automation. Recognizing the growing need for efficient, scalable automation solutions, Microsoft's latest enhancements not only standardize the setup experience but also democratize access to RPA. This product emphasizes making RPA accessible to every professional, be it an information worker, a developer, or a Center of Excellence member. By focusing on reducing overhead costs and enhancing infrastructure efficiency, Power Automate RPA is poised to set new trends in global automation propositions.

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Power Automate RPA - Microsoft Power Automate RPA: Latest Updates & Releases

Learn about Latest Microsoft Power Automate Hosted RPA Updates & Releases

The most recent news from Microsoft entails significant updates in its automation platform, Power Automate. These fresh enhancements feature two Robotic Process Automation (RPA) scenarios hosted on Microsoft's Azure cloud. The focus is largely on scalability and optimized automation which allows developers and admins to manage automation more effectively.

  • Individual hosted machines target both developers and business users. They enable developers to build and test business automation efficiently, whereas business users get a simplified execution.
  • Hosted machine groups essentially scale workloads in order to enhance unattended automation. They are most suited to production environments and emphasize better business process continuity and governance at scale.

Initial machine setup, typically a complex and time-consuming process, is streamlined. Using the Microsoft automation suite, even individuals with basic level parameters can setup large-scale automation within a matter of minutes. It is simplified in such a way as to merely require a name, a base image and an intended user account.

Alongside simplified setup, they can support a wide variety of automation scenarios. Individual hosted machines allow developers to execute desktop flows without accessing or preparing any physical machines. Deployment of the desktop flow can even be made on a single machine to assist individual business users.

Hosted machine groups are tailored for high-demand unattended automation circumstances. They support scalability during a sudden increase in demand. They also provide new bots for each desktop flow awaiting execution in the queue and can setup multiple Windows VMs to run automation flows simultaneously.

Hosted machine groups are also equipped to address workload variability with dynamic load balancing. They automatically scale in and out depending on the load. This ensures resources are efficiently utilized across serveral RPA processes.

If, for instance, you have 10 bot capacities split between two separate groups: sales and finance, the program ensures efficient use. Should finance require additional processing capacity while sales workloads remain manageable, most of the bot capacity would be redirected to finance. Once the finance workloads return to normal, the bot capacities would then be made available for other divisions, such as sales.

Administrators are not excluded from the benefits of this tool. They gain insight into live process flows and are offered simplified management tools to enhance the RPA infrastructure. They can track processes that are currently underway, those in the queue, as well as a complete history of executed processes. With a huge leap forward to the top of the queue, important desktop flows can be quickly adjusted based on business needs.

In conclusion, with Microsoft's freshly released hosted RPA add-on, handling automation processes becomes a smooth ride, allowing critical focus on business development. Whether you are an information worker, a professional developer, or part of a center of excellence, get ready for a positive ripple effect in your productivity increased efficiency and cost management.

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