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Understanding Simple API Entitlement Limits: A Guide
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Oct 19, 2022 5:34 PM

Understanding Simple API Entitlement Limits: A Guide

by HubSite 365 about Ilya Fainberg

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Explore insights into Microsoft Dataverse API limits - a comprehensive guide to Power Apps and Dynamics 365 APIs.

"Ilya Fainberg" recently published an explanatory blog post on Dataverse API limits, an integral part of the Power Platform Request limits and allocations. Specifically grounding their exploration in Power Apps, Power Automate, and customer engagement apps, the author argued that these limits promote service levels, availability, and quality. Discussing how the limits work in two major areas, Entitlement and Service protection, Fainberg elucidates the subtleties of Dataverse's boundaries.

The Service Protection limits, Fainberg explains, prevent overloads, protecting the services by returning an error message when exceeded. Meanwhile, the so-called "Developer Tools" assess usage in a 5-minute sliding window or in a 24-hour period, depending on the scenario. Here, the developer becomes responsible for avoiding error-prone situations and administrating their response. Additional details on Service Protection limits are available here.

On the other hand, entitlement limits denote the number of requests a user can make per day, contingent on the user's allotted license type. These limits encompass all data operations that interact with table rows, including a variety of operations by multiple apps and endpoints. It's crucial to note that Power Platform API request allocations account for Power Automate, AI Builder, and Connector API usage.

Fainberg also discussed service protection limits, which are put in place to maintain consistent performance and availability. He underlines the capacity of these limits to protect the Dataverse platform from unexpected traffic, which could potentially affect its performance. In particular, the author emphasized how these API limits can prevent interference between users running applications simultaneously.

Wrapping up, the author speaks about the penalties for exceeding these caps. He outlines how organizations can circumvent penalties by adopting patterns that postpone operations when faced with service returns. Ultimately, these practices can then enhance the service requests and accomplish optimal throughput.

On Dataverse API Limits

Dataverse API limits are principles that govern the number of queries users can make daily, ensuring the service’s levels, availability, and quality. These limits, which integrate into the Power Platform Request limits and allocations, are fundamentally categorized into Entitlement and Service protection parameters. While the former regulates the daily number of user queries based on the type of assigned license, the latter prevents users from overwhelming system resources and maintains system performance. Therefore, understanding and managing these limits become crucial for users and administrators alike for optimal utilization of resources and ensuring uninterrupted service.

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Developer Tools - Understanding Simple API Entitlement Limits: A Guide

Learn about API Entitlement Limits - Simple / Easy to understand

In this digital age, the need to comprehend the details of API entitlement limits is tantamount. Microsoft Dataverse, known for enabling robust data modeling and data management in applications, maintains a system of API limits meant to ensure reliable service levels and quality. Additionally, it encompasses rules especially for Dataverse used in numerous applications like Power Apps, Power Automate, and customer engagement applications.

There are two kinds of constraints: Entitlement and Service protection limits, all aimed at maintaining seamless service provision. The former entails the number of requests a user can make per day, based on their license type. Beyond this limit, the responsible administrators would be alerted to decide on the appropriate actions.

API applications come in various forms with Dataverse. For instance, they include operations that interact with tables where rows are modified, added or deleted. Also, special operations such as share and assign are inclusive as they are considered updates. In all these applications, the developer is tasked with averting situations that can lead to errors and managing any attempts to retry when they occur.

Lastly, Service protection limits come into play to affirm steady availability and performance for all users. They are imposed on how APIs interact with Dataverse, providing a safeguard against unpredictable surges in request volumes that could compromise the availability and performance aspects of the Dataverse platform.

They limit passable connections per user account, the acceptable number of API requests per connection, and the allowable execution time per connection. Should any of these limits be exceeded an exception is thrown by the platform. Worth noting is that they are applied to all external web service requests, and not exclusively to CRUD operations on tables counted against entitlement limits. Their implementation is however not effected on API calls executed within workflows, custom workflow activities, or plugin code.

These limits are typically encountered by applications carrying out a considerable number of data operations. It is therefore advisable for software engineers working on such applications to retrofit patterns into their programs that can defer operations and allow the application to respond accordingly when these exceptions are encountered, thereby reducing total requests and achieving heightened throughput.

For detailed information about the errors that could be returned and how engineers can install patterns to respond to these errors, you're encouraged to visit the Service Protection API Limits page.

Understanding these details allows you to make efficient and effective decisions when leveraging power platforms and related services.

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