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Introducing Microsoft Syntex
Sep 11, 2023 6:18 PM

Introducing Microsoft Syntex

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Discover Microsoft Syntexs latest update: Boost your business with AI-powered document processing, content management, and custom development.

Microsoft has released an update for Syntex, their AI-powered cloud content management service. This update brings several new features including Syntex plugins for Microsoft 365 Copilot and Syntex repository services. Syntex eSignature and "Project Archimedes" have also been introduced as new capabilities, with both in preview stages.

  • Syntex plugins for Copilot bring document processing actions such as content assembly and eSignature to Copilot.
  • Syntex repository services make it easier for developers to build content-rich apps by leveraging the backend capabilities of Microsoft 365.
  • "Project Archimedes" provides big data analytics to OneDrive and SharePoint content, allowing users to derive insights at scale.
  • Syntex eSignature speeds up business workflows by bringing digital signature capabilities into the Microsoft ecosystem.

Select customer previews for Syntex plugins for Copilot will commence in June 2023. Private previews for Syntex repository services and Syntex eSignature will start just now and in July 2023, respectively. Public preview for "Project Archimedes" will also be available from July 2023 onward.

Deeper Look Into Microsoft Syntex Update

Microsoft Syntex, a critical cog in the Microsoft 365 suite, was designed to optimize business processes and content management. The latest improvements to Syntex are aimed at making it easier for businesses to build content-rich apps with greater security and compliance. Syntex offers developers a host of powerful capabilities including versioning, sharing, search, and more.

With the addition of Syntex repository services, the creation of apps is now more streamlined and efficient. Developers will also be able to use Microsoft 365's trusted content management capabilities in the apps they build. This positions Microsoft 365 as not just a set of productivity tools, but a fully integrated development platform.

"Project Archimedes" is another significant addition aimed at data-driven developers and analysts. It provides massive scale analytics for OneDrive and SharePoint content, thus aiding better information management. Lastly, Syntex eSignature adds a significant amount of efficiency to business processes by enabling electronic signature transactions within the Microsoft ecosystem.


Read the full article Microsoft Syntex Latest Update: Comprehensive Overview & Key Features

Learn about Microsoft Syntex Latest Update: Comprehensive Overview & Key Features

The blog discusses Microsoft Syntex, a set of AI-powered cloud content management services, and its latest updates. It highlights the surge in content as businesses digitize their operations, resulting in tasks such as storage and management becoming increasingly time-consuming and complicated. The blog notes Microsoft customers add over 2 billion new files to Microsoft 365 and SharePoint every workday.

Microsoft’s Syntex, introduced at Ignite, has been created to address these challenges by optimizing business processes, improving content management, and accelerating custom development at a scalable level. Thanks to Syntex, building content-rich apps is no longer a daunting process plagued with security and compliance challenges.

  • At Microsoft Build 2023, Microsoft announced new Syntex plugins for Microsoft 365 Copilot and Microsoft Syntex repository services.
  • The company has also revealed plans for previews of Syntex eSignature and Project Archimedes.

Copilot, introduced earlier in the year, boosts productivity using AI. It does this by combining large language models with your data in Microsoft Graph and Microsoft 365 apps, turning your words into a powerful productivity tool.

Moreover, Microsoft Syntex serves to prepare your content for next-generation AI, using document processing to add structure and security to unstructured files. The blog post concludes with the introduction of Syntex plugins for Copilot, which incorporates Syntex actions and skills into your Copilot experiences. These plugins further enhance Copilot, giving it critical content management skills for securing, grounding, and processing high-value information.

The post suggests that the Syntex plugins can simplify AI-powered document processing tasks like classification and content assembly.


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