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My second SharePoint intranet
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Sep 6, 2022 2:23 PM

My second SharePoint intranet

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The old intranet was built on SharePoint 2007 (on-prem) and bursting at the seams. Each business had their own site collection, with many subsites underneath. Each site collection could only hold 2 GB (!) so it was a constant struggle to keep within those limits.

After many years of project proposals we finally got approval to start creating a new intranet, based on SharePoint Online. This was not so much because the budget holders thought they needed an improved intranet, but because support for SP2007 would stop and the business wanted to move more applications to the cloud.

  • Mistake #1: Majority of budget went to News
  • Mistake #2: Agile development, Waterfall operations
  • Mistake #3: Custom design
  • Mistake #4: Migration mistakes
  • Success #1: Modern SharePoint environment
  • Success #2: Central governance
  • Success #3: Mandatory Site owner e-learning
  • Success #4: Launch video!

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