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Read Files into Spark DataFrame - Learn Spark in Microsoft Fabric
Microsoft Fabric
Sep 12, 2023 5:00 PM

Read Files into Spark DataFrame - Learn Spark in Microsoft Fabric

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Learn Apache Spark in Microsoft Fabric in the 30 days of September. Here's the playlist for this series if you want to catchup:

Day five of this series is devoted to reading files into a Spark DataFrame using Microsoft Fabric. Recognizing the key role of Spark in both Data Engineering and Data Science experiences within Microsoft Fabric, the presenter of this series provides a comprehensive tour through Apache Spark. It aims to help beginners learn what Spark is, its importance, usage, and its integration into Microsoft Fabric.

A prior knowledge of Spark is not necessary, but having basic Python knowledge can be advantageous. The schedule lists a number of topics that will be covered in the series, including:

  • Welcome to the course
  • Why choose Spark?
  • Components of Spark
  • Spark DataFrame
  • Reading files into DataFrame
  • Reading/Writing to Lakehouse Table
  • Basic DataFrame Operations
  • And numerous others including various features of MLlib, Spark SQL, and Microsoft Fabric powered by Apache Spark

The video tutorial provides hands-on experience in topics such as uploading File to Lakehouse, reading CSV into DataFrame, writing DataFrame to JSON, and more.

The presenter also has other Fabric playlists which include Data Engineering, End-to-End Fabric Project, Introduction to Microsoft Fabric, and Data Factory.

Believing in the power of data to create a better world, the host, Will, works as a Consultant focusing on Data Strategy, Data Engineering, and Business Intelligence within the Microsoft/Azure/Fabric environment. He has also previously worked as a Data Scientist. He founded Learn Microsoft Fabric to share his insights on its functioning and to help others build their careers and develop impactful projects in Fabric.

Emphasizing on Reading Files into Spark DataFrame in Microsoft Fabric

Reading Files into Spark DataFrame is fundamental in analyzing data in Microsoft Fabric. Spark provides a distributed processing system that offers a simple way to process big data sets. It allows multiple file formats such as CSV, JSON, and Parquet. This allows users to choose the most suitable format for their specific needs. The video tutorial provides a step-by-step practical experience, bringing this concept to life. Mastering this skill allows the user to perform complex operations on large datasets with ease.

Learn about DAY FIVE - Read Files into Spark DataFrame - Learn Spark in Microsoft Fabric (5 of 30)

The main topic that should be learned from this text is about learning Apache Spark in Microsoft Fabric over a 30-day period. The series aims at teaching readers how to read files into Spark DataFrame. Spark is instrumental to both data engineering and data science experiences in Microsoft Fabric. The learning module does not require prior knowledge of Spark, although some foundation in Python can be beneficial. Various aspects of Spark and its application within Microsoft Fabric are covered during the training, including DataFrame operations, handling missing values, time-series, machine learning models, Microsoft Fabric Runtime powered by Apache Spark, among others.


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