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Introducing New Fabric Copilot Pricing Plans 2024
Microsoft Fabric
Feb 10, 2024 6:57 PM

Introducing New Fabric Copilot Pricing Plans 2024

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Unlock Insights Faster with Copilot in Fabric: Available Mar 1, Improve Data Analysis & Shorten Insight Time.

Key insights

Microsoft Fabric introduces Copilot in public preview, including tools for Power BI, Data Factory, and more, enhancing data transformation and analysis.

  • Starting March 1, 2024, Copilot will be available for purchase, charged based on Capacity Units per 1,000 input or output tokens.
  • Usage is measured by tokens, with 1,000 tokens approximating 750 words, and different rates for input and output.
  • From February 2024, users can monitor their Copilot usage through the Fabric Capacity Metrics App, aiding in managing expenses.
  • Copilot is categorized as a "background job" to optimize capacity during peak times and maintain performance standards.
  • Supports region mapping for data processing, prioritizing data residency while offering flexibility across Azure Open AI's limited data centers.


Announcing Fabric Copilot pricing during January 2024, we revealed the global preview availability of Copilot in Microsoft Fabric. This preview spans across Power BI, Data Factory, and Data Science & Data Engineering tools. With Copilot in preview, Microsoft Fabric introduces a novel approach to data transformation, enrichment, and analysis, substantially reducing the time needed for insights.

Today, we disclosed that Copilot in Microsoft Fabric will be purchasable starting March 1st, 2024. The pricing structure is 400 Capacity Units seconds for every 1,000 input tokens and 1,200 Capacity Units seconds for every 1,000 output tokens. Below, detailed cost information of Copilot in Fabric from March 1st, 2024, is presented.


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Requests to Copilot consume Fabric Capacity Units (CU). The usage depends on the number of processed tokens, which represent pieces of words. The cost for Copilot is determined per 1,000 tokens, with different rates for input and output tokens.

From February 2024, the total capacity usage for Copilot can be viewed under the operation name "Copilot in Microsoft Fabric" in your Fabric Capacity Metrics App.

Fabric Copilot categorizes as a "background job" for the capacity utilization type, enhancing the support for Copilot requests during peak times. Fabric balances the CU usage over specific periods, aligned with the Fabric throttling policy.

The deployment of Fabric Copilot utilizes Azure Open AI's large language models across limited data centers. It supports cross-geo processing for customers, prioritizing data residency and aiming to map to regions within the same geographic area whenever possible.

  • Consumption Rate
  • Monitoring the Usage
  • Capacity Utilization Type
  • Region Mapping


In January 2024, Microsoft announced the public preview of Copilot within Microsoft Fabric, introducing it across several applications, including Power BI, Data Factory, and Data Science & Data Engineering. This initiative by Microsoft Fabric enhances data transformation, enrichment, and analysis, significantly reducing the time needed to gain insights. The tool is set to move from preview to purchasable on March 1st, 2024, introducing specific pricing for its usage in terms of Capacity Units per tokens processed.

The pricing strategy for Copilot within Microsoft Fabric distinguishes between input and output token consumption, charging 400 Capacity Units for every 1,000 input tokens and 1,200 Capacity Units for the same number of output tokens. Tokens represent fragments of words, with 1,000 tokens equating to approximately 750 words. This unique approach aims to moderate the usage cost based on the volume of data processed by the Copilot.

Additional Insights on Microsoft Fabric and Copilot

Microsoft Fabric represents a significant advancement in data processing, offering a robust platform for the seamless integration and utilization of AI-driven tools like Copilot. These developments underscore Microsoft's focus on enhancing productivity and simplifying complex data analytics tasks. By harnessing the power of Azure Open AI, Copilot within Microsoft Fabric promises a future where insights are more accessible, and decision-making is data-driven.

The differentiation in pricing for input and output tokens reflects a thoughtful approach to billing, one that acknowledges the varied demands these processes place on the system. Such a model ensures that users pay in proportion to the resources they consume, aligning costs with usage patterns.

With the introduction of comprehensive monitoring and billing reports, Microsoft offers unprecedented transparency and control over Copilot usage. This not only helps in managing expenses but also in optimizing the use of Copilot for maximum efficiency.

The classification of Copilot jobs as "background tasks" illustrates how Microsoft Fabric is designed to balance workload and resource availability. By averaging out consumption over time, it promises smoother operation and better management of peak load times.

The integration of cross-geo processing capabilities is a clear indicator of Microsoft’s commitment to meeting global data residency and compliance requirements. By allowing data to be processed in the most appropriate regions, while keeping billing straightforward, Microsoft addresses a critical need for multinational enterprises.

Ultimately, the holistic approach taken by Microsoft in the development and deployment of Copilot within Microsoft Fabric highlights their strategy towards creating a more efficient, powerful, and user-friendly suite of tools. As these technologies evolve, the potential for transformative impacts across diverse industries continues to grow, signaling a new era of innovation and productivity in data analytics and beyond.

    Microsoft Fabric and Its Capabilities

    Microsoft Fabric is a cutting-edge platform designed to boost digital transformation by leveraging the power of AI and machine learning. It offers tools like Copilot for enhanced data handling and insights, tailored for various fields such as Power BI, Data Factory, and Data Science & Data Engineering. The introduction of Copilot in Microsoft Fabric revolutionizes the way data is processed, providing faster and more efficient ways to gain insights. Its pricing model, based on Capacity Units, ensures a flexible approach to handling workloads. Through its strategic region mapping and capacity utilization types, Microsoft Fabric ensures operational efficiency and compliance with data residency requirements. As it continues to evolve, Microsoft Fabric and its components like Copilot stand at the forefront of technological innovation, reshaping industries by making complex data analysis more accessible and manageable.


    Microsoft Fabric - Introducing New Fabric Copilot Pricing Plans 2024


    People also ask

    How much does Copilot cost?

    As an expert in Microsoft technologies, it's worth noting that CoPilot is fully supported on both popular mobile operating systems, Android and iOS. Those interested in leveraging its capabilities should be aware that subscribing to the service entails a monthly fee of $99.

    Is Copilot available in Canada?

    Regarding the availability of Copilot Pro, it's exciting to share that the service has successfully extended its reach to a variety of global markets. As of now, users in Austria, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, France, the United Kingdom, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, and the United States can all benefit from Copilot Pro's advanced features. It is also encouraging to highlight the ongoing efforts to further expand availability to additional markets in the near future.



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